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Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing & Communications performs a wide range of essential services including managing the College website, print and digital design, copywriting and editing, photography, traditional and social media communications, and other marketing and public relations functions. In addition, the office is tasked with managing the Ferrum College brand.

Additional Information:

Email with your request or questions.

Visual assets

Official Ferrum College logos and other graphics may not be used by any company or organization outside of Ferrum College without first obtaining permission from the Office of Marketing & Communications.

graphic standards and style guide

The Ferrum College Graphics Standards & Style Guide is intended to help College staff, faculty, students, and vendors maintain the College identity in print, on the web, and through merchandising. Subjects include approved usage for logos, colors, fonts, and style guidelines and policies for use on the College’s website and official social media communications.

Downloadable Virtual Backgrounds

Ferrum College provides campus photos to use as virtual backgrounds for your Zoom meetings, desktops, and more! Click here to download one of these awesome backgrounds.

Downloadable Logos

Ferrum College provides access to our standard logo, athletics logo, BRI logo, and wordmarks through Panther Portal. Students, faculty, and staff can access the downloadable files. Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at for downloadable files. For more information regarding our brand guidelines and how to use our logos, see our graphic standards and style guide.

Official Ferrum College Stationery

Electronic letterhead templates may be customized for individual departments or schools. Contact the Office of Marketing & Communications to request assistance. Access the downloadable file here.

Official Ferrum College Colors

The official Ferrum College colors are black and gold. Please use the appropriate PMS, CMYK, RGB, and Hexadecimal color values.

primary colors

PMS 872 Metallic Gold
CMYK 20, 30, 70, 15
RGB 180, 151, 90

accent colors

PMS 186C
CMYK 13, 100, 90, 4
RGB 204, 9, 47
Hex/HTML #Cc092f
PMS 7475C
CMYK 80, 34, 47, 8
RGB 49, 127, 129
HEX/HTML #317F81

neutral colors

PMS Cool Gray 10C
CMYK 60, 52, 51, 21
RGB 100, 100, 100
Hex/HTML #646464
PMS Cool Gray 6C
CMYK 33, 26, 27, 0
RGB 175, 175, 175

Official Ferrum College Typography

These are the official font families Ferrum College utilizes as part of the College’s graphic identity. Variations within these font families are also acceptable.

for print

special project fonts

Social Media Graphics

Ferrum College supports the use of social media by employees, teams, and clubs to connect with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other constituencies.

When developing social media site graphics, the Ferrum College Graphic Standards & Style Guide must be followed. If you need assistance with setup, profile images, headers, style, or usage, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications.


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG


1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG
1-Color (Black)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Gold)EPS JPG PNG
1-Color (Reverse)EPS PNG

Meet the Staff

Placeholder photo for Taylor Chitwood

Taylor Chitwood

Director of Social Media and Outreach
Placeholder photo for Benton Heck

Benton Heck

Assistant Director of Social Media and Communications
Placeholder photo for Kristin Waters

Kristin Waters

Director of Marketing and Communications
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