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Whether you are a parent of a prospective student, a proud Ferrum College alum, or a community member, Ferrum College offers opportunities to visit our campus to learn, for fellowship, and to be entertained. We offer visitors a comfortable and convenient place to stay while on campus. Our 10 guest rooms are located on a private section of Dyer Hall.

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In April 2007, Ferrum College Professor of Mathematics Anthony “Tony” Giesen donated his extraordinary collection of American brilliant cut glass to the College. Many of these exquisite hand-cut works are on exhibit at the College in the Anthony Giesen Gallery of American brilliant cut glass located in Franklin Hall.

Giesen’s collection, amassed over a 50-year period, includes a number of select rarities and represents examples of the world-renowned artistry of the “American Brilliant” period, circa 1876-1916. Many of the nearly 300 pieces in the collection are complete with the maker’s signature, adding to the overall value. Representative pieces of the total collection will be rotated for this continually changing but permanent exhibit. Among higher education institutions, only Texas A&M has a similar collection on display. However, those who view Giesen’s collection will find it to be not only larger, but also unique.

Giesen has taught for over 40 years at Ferrum College and is the College’s longest-serving faculty member. He decided to donate the collection to the College as a way to “give back.” He says the gallery will give people an opportunity to see this elegant and unparalleled art form firsthand. “I want everyone to see the pieces up close,” Giesen says. “Pictures don’t do them justice; it’s something you have to see up close to really appreciate.” He hopes that not only will students, faculty, staff, and community members come to the gallery, but other collectors as well. He says many collectors will find pieces on display in the gallery that they, themselves, have never been able to find.

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Anthony Giesen Gallery of American Brilliant Cut Glass Visitor Information:

Cost: Free

Hours of Operation: Open during normal college operating hours Monday-Saturday

Address: Ferrum College, Franklin Hall, 445 Ferrum Mountain Rd., Ferrum, VA 24088

Please call (540) 365-4201 for information.

The E. Taylor Greer Gallery in the Stanley Library hosts three to four shows per year from a wide range of local, statewide, and international artists.

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