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Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Ferrum College students have the opportunity to learn about cultures around the world, gain valuable educational and career experiences, create lasting memories while advancing their education, and potentially satisfy internship requirements and earn college credits for certain programs.

Types of Study-Abroad opportunities

We will help you connect with an educational travel company to create a plan to meet your educational travel goals.

NOTE: External scholarships/funding may be available to students for certain programs

I have a great passion for travel. In 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland for one semester and also traveled to England and Scotland. This experience was life-changing and my love for different cultures and their peoples deepened.  I was also privileged to take an E-term course with Travel Peru. Studying religion in Peru and being engulfed in such a beautiful culture was beyond unforgettable.

Chantel Aaron

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Stop by and enjoy The Richard L. Smith Center! We have free hot teas from countries around the world and a great spot to relax or study!

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