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Bachelor's Degree

Political Science Major

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Why Study Political Science at Ferrum College?

The Political Science major is committed to developing students who will become local or global community leaders. The emphasis placed on skills development, self-awareness, ethical responsibility, and cultural understanding is an acknowledgement of the program’s devotion to the substantive objectives and benefits of the Ferrum College experience.


Political Science Sample Courses

You will take a core of political science courses, including International Politics, Comparative Government, and Political Geography.


An introduction to the institutions and processes of the national government, with special emphasis on the principles that influence the constitutional order of the United States.


Concentrates on the geographical nature of the state. It examines how state systems and the political behavior of nations find spatial expression or are organized on the earth.


This course is an introduction to the interplay of theory and practice relevant to students in political science. Students will be expected to acquire practical experiences resulting from a community-based civic education or service-learning project.

Careers in Political Science

Policy Analyst

Work to raise public awareness of social issues, such as crime prevention, access to health care, and protection of the environment.

Legislative Assistant

Support legislators in legislative drafting, legal services, and publications functions. They edit legislation, amendments to legislation, legal memos, and other written work.

Political Consultant

Works with politicians to help them run successful election campaigns.

Political Reporter

Responsible for gathering information surrounding current events in government and politics in order to write reports for news programs.

Ferrum College Catalog

View the catalog for all program courses and degree requirements.

Meet the Faculty

Edmond Hally

Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration and Program Coordinator of Political Science