Katherine Grimes

Katherine Grimes

M. Katherine Grimes
Assistant Professor

Office: Britt 209
Office phone: (540) 365-4264
Personal web page: None listed
Teaching at Ferrum since: 1991


Message from M. Katherine Grimes:
Feel free to contact me at kgrimes@ferrum.edu if you have questions or comments about the English program at Ferrum College or about Southern or African American literature.

B. A. summa cum laude in English and psychology, Catawba College
M.A. in English literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D. in English with major in twentieth century British and American literature, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

ENG 100: Fundamentals of Writing

ENG 101: Composition and Rhetoric

ENG 102: Composition and Research

ENG 141-442: Creative Arts Practicum

ENG 200: Introduction to Literary Studies

ENG 204: British Literature II

ENG 205: American Literature I

ENG 206: American Literature II

ENG 345: American Literature 1815-1865

ENG 401: Literary Criticism

ENG 428: Contemporary Literature and Film

HON 210: Reason and the Individual

“Introduction to Literary Studies.” Textbook for English 200: Introduction to Literary Studies at Ferrum College.

Editor of Critical Insights: The Outsiders. Grey House, May 2018.
“S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Theories of Moral Development,” in Critical Insights: The Outsiders.

With Lana A. Whited, “Critical Reception: The Outsiders,” in Critical Insights: The Outsiders.

With Lana A. Whited, editor of Critical Insights: Harry Potter. Grey House, July 2015.

“’Contemporary’ Is Not ‘Modern’: The Harry Potter Series as a Sampler of Western Literary Traditions.” In Critical Insights: Harry Potter. 

Introduction to Critical Insights: Harry Potter.

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“Bill and Vera Clever.” Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature. Ed. Jack Zipes. Oxford UP, 2006.

Southern literature

Moral development

Maturation literature

Historic literary and artistic periods