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Fall photo of Ferrum College campus.

Ferrum College Blog

Eliza Copes

My name is Eliza Copes. I’m on the Equestrian team, and I am majoring in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Animal Science and a minor in Equine Studies and […]

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Peter Perez

I am Peter Perez and I am a biology major. I was born in Aruba and moved to Charlotte at the age of 12. I have been playing baseball since […]

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Jennifer Ruiz

Hi! My name is Jennifer Ruiz. I am from Martinsville, Virginia and I went to Magna Vista High School. I am majoring in Pre-Professional Health Sciences with a Pre-Therapy emphasis. […]

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Sayda Rojas-Campbell

Hi, my name is Sayda Rojas-Campbell! I am a business financial major, hoping to one day create and run my own business. I am on the women’s soccer team, and I work […]

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Jikari Johnson

Jikari Johnson is a Junior majoring in Graphic Design at Ferrum College with a minor in Studio Art. He is also a basketball player and a resident advisor at Ferrum. […]

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Grace Weaver

Hi! My name is Grace Weaver, and I am from Franklin County, Virginia. I am studying psychology. Exercise and adventuring in the outdoors are my biggest hobbies.

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Alvin Udoto

My name is Alvin Udoto, and I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I am majoring in applied mathematics. I am also a member of the Ferrum men’s soccer team. In my […]

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Kolby Ferguson

Hi, my name is Kolby Ferguson. I am from Lynchburg, Virginia, and graduated from Brookville High School. I major in Applied Mathematics. I’m part of the football team here in […]

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Conner Church

Hi, my name is Conner Church. I am from Buchanan, Virginia, and graduated from James River High School. My major is undecided. I am a member of the Ferrum football […]

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Bradyn Slate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Hi, my name is Bradyn Slate. I am from Thomasville, North Carolina, and a graduate of East Davidson High School. My major is business. I am a member of […]

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