Dana M. Ghioca-Robrecht

//Dana M. Ghioca-Robrecht

Dana M. Ghioca-Robrecht

Dana M. Ghioca-Robrecht
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology/Environmental Science

Dr. Dana Ghioca-Robrecht joined Ferrum College in 2018. Her education and research background span biology, ecology, environmental science, sustainable development, conservation biology, wildlife sciences, and statistics and research methods. Her graduate research at Texas Tech University focused on effects of landuse modification on playa wetland communities, particularly on larval amphibians. For her postdoctoral positions she continued investigating anthropogenic effects on wetland communities both in the playa wetlands of West Texas and in the Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

Prior to teaching at Ferrum, she has taught for 12 years courses ranging from Introductory Biology to Conservation Biology, Sciences, Scientific Investigation and Research Methods, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. At Ferrum, she teaches Introductory Biology, Introductory to Environmental Science, Quantitative Environmental Statistics, Fundamentals of Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Conservation Biology, and travel eTerm ecology courses.

Dr. Ghioca-Robrecht strives to instill strong ‘habits of mind’ in her students so that they become successful in her classes and well beyond. She enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the outdoors and traveling.

Dana Ghioca-Robrecht

PhD in Wildlife Science, Texas Tech University

MS in Ecosystems Ecology and Environmental Management, University of Bucharest, Romania

BS in Biology, with an emphasis in Ecology and Environment Protection, University of Bucharest, Romania