2021-22 Class Officers Announced

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2021-22 Class Officers Announced


Ferrum College has announced the new Student Government Association (SGA) cabinet officers for the 2021-22 academic year. For the senior class, Andre Williams ’22 was named president and Damon Curry ’22 was named vice president. Kelsey Smith ’23 was named junior class president. She will serve alongside Jazmin Scarberry ’23 as vice president, Jess Bollinger as secretary, and Cameron Hawkins ’23 as treasurer. To enter the SGA election, students must run together as a cabinet and submit a petition for election showcasing 100 signatures.

“I’m looking forward to working with this group of students this year,” said Director of Student Activities Justin Muse ’05. “They’ve already hit the ground running and have been bouncing around great ideas to implement. We’re going to have an exceptional year!”

Meet the 2021-22 class officers below.

Andre WilliamsSenior Class President – Andre Williams ’22

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Major: business administration
Why he loves Ferrum College: “The students and professors at Ferrum are some of the best I’ve ever known. I wanted to serve as senior class president to be their voice and to help Ferrum stay great.”

Damon CurrySenior Class Vice President – Damon Curry ’22

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Majors: business administration
Why he loves Ferrum College: “I love Ferrum because of the opportunities it’s given me to showcase my leadership skills. I’m fortunate to do a lot on campus and meet a lot of people. I look forward to working with you!”

Kelsey SmithJunior Class President – Kelsey Smith ’23

Hometown: Gretna, VA
Major: sociology
Why she loves Ferrum College: “Ferrum College is a second home to me. I have made a lot of friendships that I know will be lifelong. I can be a voice for the junior class because of my love and devotion to better the place I call home.”

Jazmin ScarberryJunior Class Vice President – Jazmin Scarberry ’23

Hometown: Bluefield, VA
Majors: ecotourism and history
Why she loves Ferrum College: “I love Ferrum College because it makes me feel at home. It is such a tight knit community where everyone is so caring and welcoming. I enjoy being greeted everywhere with a smile and a wave. I believe the voices of the students are what makes a difference.”

Jess BollingerJunior Class Secretary – Jess Bollinger ’23

Hometown: Bedford, VA
Majors: political science and history
Why she wants to serve as a class officer: “I am excited to help my classmates voices be heard. I’m also able to interact on campus in a new way.”

Cameron HawkinsJunior Class Treasurer – Cameron Hawkins ’23

Hometown: Sparta, NC
Major: psychology
Why she wants to serve as a class officer: “I love how Ferrum College creates events and activities to do right here on campus. I wanted to make my own college experience great, and make others’ experiences better, as well. I also want to build and strengthen my leadership skills for my responsibilities in the future.”

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