Spring Plant Sale Happening at Titmus Agricultural Center

///Spring Plant Sale Happening at Titmus Agricultural Center

Spring Plant Sale Happening at Titmus Agricultural Center


Spring Plant SaleThe Ferrum College Horticulture program is offering a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, and house plants during its Spring Plant Sale. This year’s sale will take place in person at the Titmus Agricultural Center (370 Ferrum School Road, Ferrum, VA) on April 17 and 18 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and on April 24 and 25 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Plants may be ordered by downloading the catalog and price list and then emailing orders to Sarah Isley at sisley@ferrum.edu. Curbside and pick-up will be available at Titmus from April 19 – 23 from 3 – 5 p.m.

Individuals may also email sisley@ferrum.edu to schedule an appointment to ensure they are the only customers in the greenhouse.


Ferrum College Plant Sale 2021 Price List (detailed list at the end of this page):

Annuals and House Plants – $3.00 – $5.00 each (depending on variety)

Hanging Baskets – $12.00 – $15.00 each (depending on size)

Vegetables & Herbs – $1.00 – $3.00 each (depending on size)

Seed Annuals in Cell Packs – $2.00 each cell pack (4 plants) or $16.00 per flat (32 plants)

Ordering Instructions:

**All plants must be protected from frost and cold temps (Below 40F)**

View the catalog here. 

All social distancing protocols and safety measures will be followed to ensure the safety of workers and customers.

Limited quantities of plants are available.

Cash only.

Please bring your own boxes for your plants.


Plants available:

Vegetables (buy 3 get 1 free)


Abe Lincoln (small $1)

Box car willie (small $1)

Mortgage lifter (small $1) (large $3)

Sweetie (small $1)

Better boy (small $1)

Roma (small $1) (large $3)

Brads atomic grape (small $1)

Black brandywine (small $1)

Pink brandywine (small $1)

Brandywine (small $1) (large $3)

Arkansas traveler (large $3)

Heirloom green (small $1)

Rutgers (large $3)

Kellogg’s beefsteak (small $1) (large $3)

Cherokee purple (large $3)

Chocolate cherry (small $1) (large $3)

Nebraska wedding (small $1)

Pork chop (small $1)

Currant (small $1)

White currant (small $1)

Sugar cherry (small $1)

Super sweet 100 (small $1)

Giraffe (small $1)

German pink (small $1)

San Francisco fog (small $1)

Purple tomatillo (small $1)



Cayenne blend (medium $2)

Corno di toro Rosso (medium $2)

Ancho grande ($2)

Hot jalapeño ($2)

California wonder (small $1)

Sweet banana ($1)

Purple beauty bell ($1)

Yolo wonder sweet ($2)

Sweet rainbow ($2)

Ornamental pepper ($2)



Yellow crookneck ($1)

Cocozelle zucchini ($1)



Straight 8 ($1)

Summer sweet burpless ($1)

Bush pickle ($1)



Hales best ($1)



Chocolate mint ($2)

Oregano ($2)

Tricolor sage ($3)

Nasturtium mix ($2)



Genovese ($1)

Dark purple ($1)

Greek ($1)

Lemon ($1)

Cinnamon ($1)

Red Rubin ($1)

Lime ($1)

Thai Siam queen ($1)




Vinca xp mix


Petunia (on sale for $1)

Begonia red whopper (small)

Tradescantia green (on sale for $1)


Marigold French dwarf (packs of 4)

Marigold safari (packs of 4)

Begonia red whopper


Rose begonia

Charm pink begonia

Geranium black velvet

Lantana golden zinger

Fuschia blue eyes

Creeping Jenny

Sweet potato vine tricolor

Sweet potato vine black



Sunpatiens orange

Sunpatiens purple

Draceana spikes

Coleus (buy 2 get 1 free)

Pink ruffles

Black dragon

Assorted colors


House plants:

Sinbad pink angel wing $5

Looking glass angel wing $5

Miss mummy angel wing $5

Rhoeo moses in the cradle pink $3

Tradescantia rainbow $3

Tradescantia green and white $3

Tradescantia lavender $3

Heart leaf philo $3

Spider plants $3

Aloe plants $3

Silver squill $3

Assorted cactus $3

Assorted succulents $3


Hanging baskets:

$12 each

Tradescantia green


Tradescantia burgundy



Almond blossom and wine

Purple and pink

Almond blossom and pink


Iris assorted $5


Thank you for supporting the Ferrum College Horticulture Program!