Ecotourism Minor

Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing and significant trends in today's tourism industry. Ecotourism is the business of sustainable travel to natural and scenic destinations in every corner of the world. Ecotourism supports environmental and cultural conservation while developing local economic development. A minor in ecotourism will equip Ferrum students to work in the tourism industry in exotic destinations and even in their hometown. These students will have the opportunity to become industry leaders in this rapidly expanding field!

To begin your Ecotourism adventure, talk to your advisor and register for REC 265: Foundations of Ecotourism. It is offered every spring semester.
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Requirements for an Ecotourism Minor

Required Courses

  • ESC 302 Conservation Biology   3
  • ESC 313 Natural Resource Management   3
  • REC 165 World Ecotourism Destinations and Cultures   3
  • REC 265 Foundations of Ecotourism     3
  • REC 335 Ecotourism Administration     3
  • REC 421 Issues in Sustainable and Ecotourism     3



Dr. Chris Mayer
Assistant Professor of Recreation Leadership
(540) 365-4494

 Administrative Support

Kathy Fletcher
Academic Secretary to Ecotourism
School of Social Sciences and Professional Studies
(540) 365-4514 - Office
(540) 365-4408 - Fax

Find out more

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Mayer at cmayer@ferrum.edu 

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