Seek Medical Assistance and Treatment

//Seek Medical Assistance and Treatment
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Local options for emergency medical care and collection of personal evidence include:

Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital in Rocky Mount (540-483-5277)

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, located in Roanoke (540-981-7000)

It is crucial that you obtain medical attention as soon as possible after a Sexual Assault to determine the possibilities of physical injury, to prevent or treat sexually transmitted diseases, and/or to screen for the presence of sedative drugs such as Rohypnol or GHB (date-rape drugs). College staff can help you contact a support person, such as a family member, friend, or roommate.

If you choose to have an evidence collection kit (or “rape kit”) completed, it is important to do so within 120 hours of an assault. Even if you have not decided to file charges, it is advisable to have the evidence collection kit completed so that you can preserve the options of obtaining a protective order and/or filing criminal charges at a later date.

In order to best preserve evidence for an evidence collection kit, it may be advisable to avoid showering, bathing, going to the bathroom, or brushing your teeth before the kit is completed. You should also wear (or take with you in a paper – not plastic – bag) to the hospital the same clothing that you were wearing during the assault. An evidence collection kit can still be completed even if you have showered or bathed.