Fall Classes Begin

Midterm Exams

NOVEMBER 22 & 23

2021-2022 Academic Plan

In preparation for the opening of campus for the 2021-2022 academic year, courses will be scheduled for one of three terms: All Fall (14 week face-to-face term) and hybrid terms in Fall I and Fall II (7 week term with 50% of class face-to-face and 50% online). A small number of classes are available as online courses, and are scheduled in All Fall, Fall 1 or Fall 2. Fall semester begins August 23 and ends Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

An online 7 week winter term will occur November 29, 2021-January 14, 2022 for students taking courses for academic recovery and/or to advance their academic program of study. Spring semester is January 17-April 20, 2022. Two online summer sessions will occur during Summer 2022 for students taking courses for academic recovery and/or to advance in their academic program of study. Please note, winter and summer term courses carry an additional fee beyond regular tuition.

  • All of our faculty have completed an intensive online teaching certification so they will be ready to provide high quality instruction both in the classroom and online.
  • To be full-time, a student must be registered for 12–19 credits.


Classrooms will be equipped with the necessary technology to conduct online and in-person instruction. 

Classrooms will be assigned based on class size, type of activity, and with 3 feet social distancing protocols in place.

All faculty, staff, and students are required to wear face coverings while indoors at this time.

Key Academic Dates

Fall 2021 Return

August 23
Classes Begin

October 4 & 5
Midterm Exams

October 6-10
Fall Break

November 19
Last Day of Classes

November 22 & 23

Winter Term

November 29
Classes Begin

December 22 & 23

January 12
Last Day of Classes

January 13 & 14

Spring Term

January 17
Classes Begin

February 28 – March 1
Midterm Exams

March 2-6

April 18
Last Day of Classes

April 19 & 20

April 23

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