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Login with  your PORTAL username and password for off-campus access

Student Example:

Username: 0992431
Password: your_super_secret_portal_password

Faculty / Staff Example:

Username: nfs54321
Password: your_super_secret_portal_password

If you have forgotten your password, please contact you are having problems connecting to Library databases please contact the Stanley Library at or 540.365.4424.


Old Instructions / login page: if you end up on the old login page, use the directions below

To log into the library’s research databases from outside the Ferrum server, you will need your Ferrum ID card.  Once you navigate to one of our library databases, you will be prompted for a username and password.

Your username will be first name <space> last name as it appears on your student ID card. Your password will be fe followed by your ID number, OMITTING THE FINAL DIGIT if you have replaced your ID card in the past.  All passwords are nine digits in length.  If your card number is less than nine digits, precede your id number with zeros until you get to nine numeric digits.

For example, if this were your ID card, you would sign in with:

USERNAME: donald livingston
PASSWORD: fe000012345     [NOTE: the final digit is omitted if you have replaced your ID card in the past]

If you experience difficulties connecting to library databases remotely, please call the library at x4424.