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Borrowing Policies for Ferrum College Students, Faculty, and Staff

Faculty and Staff may check out books for six months. Students and community patrons may check out books for thirty days. They may be renewed once, provided that another patron has not requested the book.

There are no limits on the number of books that faculty, staff, or students can check out. Community patrons may have up to ten books checked out at one time.

There are no fines for overdue books. However, students and community patrons with overdue books are not allowed to check out additional books until the overdue books are returned.

Films and equipment are available for checkout to faculty, staff, and students only. They circulate for three days. Fines of one dollar per day per item are assessed to students with overdue films. Fines of five dollars per day are assessed to students with overdue equipment items. Any unpaid fines will be billed to student accounts at the end of each semester.

Reciprocal Borrowing Policies

Lending Rules: Five books at a time for a 30 day lending period. No overdue fines; replacement fee is book cost + $15 processing fee.  Must present proof of current registration at a qualifying ACA or VIVA library.

Equipment Rental Information

ItemsLoan Period
6 Digital Camcorders 3 day loan
4 Flip video cameras 3 day loan
6 iPads (chargers circulate separately) 2 hour loan
10 iPad chargers 2 hour loan
10 Chromebooks (chargers circulate separately) 3 day loan
2 Casio scientific calculators 3 day loan
1 TI-84 graphing calculator 3 day loan
1 Google Nexus 7 (for taking the mobile tour)2 hour loan
6 projectors 3 day loan
1 DVD player 3 day loan
2 VCRs 3 day loan
4 digital photo cameras 3 day loan
7 pairs of headphones 3 day loan
12 tripods 3 day loan
3 microphoned headsets 3 day loan
1 external A: (floppy) drive; 3 day loan
2 Mac VGA adapters 3 day loan
1 Kindle Fire 3 day loan