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Spiritual Life

College life is a time of exciting intellectual and social growth. Students consider new ideas, discover new interests, and explore ever-broadening horizons. College can also be a time of spiritual exploration and maturity. Ferrum College Spiritual Life offers students a chance to examine their faith, to assess what is most important, and to forge a system of values that will sustain them through their adult years.

Growing out of its history of service and its affiliation with the United Methodist Church, Ferrum College is committed to creating an environment that encourages spiritual growth and development. As a result, Ferrum College offers a number of opportunities for students to celebrate life, faith, and explore God’s intention for human living.

Ferrum College Spiritual Life is a place for you to:

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Spiritual Life Alternative Worship

Located in the Panthers Den 5:00-7:30pm

Movie Night

  • Feb. 24  “The Help”
  • Food and drinks provided

Journey To The Table

Journey to The Table

(Magnolia Room- Cafeteria )   11:00-12:00  every  Wednesday

Facilitator: Jan Nicholson-Angle Dean of the Chapel begins January 23, 2019

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Real Life Table Talk

 Real Life Table Talk

People will get a chance to express their feelings in a casual setting.

  •  (Skeens-Franklin Hall) 4:30-6:00pm every Monday !!
  • Facilitators: Antoine Morris and Ricky Phillips
  • Begins January 21, 2019

40 Day Spiritual/Fitness Challenge

88 miles in 40 days  Oh yes you can!!!

Christ Walk  begins March 13,2019

Sign up for this spiritual/fitness challenge designed to improve your physical health while strengthening your mental and spiritual health.

  • Group support
  • Daily exercise of your choice(solo or as a group)
  • Spiritual reflections
  • Weekly meeting(on campus or virtual)
  • Open to all students, faculty and staff

Based on Anna Fitch Courie’s Christ walk

Christ Walk grew out of my experience with health promotion programming, but centered on walking with christ every day. “I believe we need to exercise in mind, body, and spirit in order to make a body  strong and whole.”

Anna Fitch Courie (RN, army wife,and author of Christ Walk)

Sign up at spirituallife@ferrum.edu

Please include:

Name,phone, email, student/employee

Please note your preference for weekly meetings with your group

virtually or face to face

Learn and Pray The Rosary

Come Learn and Pray the Rosary with  Dr, Hancock Parmer  no matter your religious background. It will be held in Vaughn Chapel starting March 13 at 4:00pm to 4:30pm every Wednesday.

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship Experience

The Christian based weekly opportunity for Ferrum College students, Faculty, and local community is a casual student led worship experience. Most weeks our Ferrum College Fresh Wind Gospel Choir leads us in worship experience. Each week features a different speaker who brings the message. Speakers include students, the Dean of Chapel, and “Guests”

  •   Fellowship Meal 5:30pm followed by service @ 6:30pm Vaughn chapel
  •  Fresh Wind Gospel Choir
  • Bringing the Message Jan Nilchoson “Well Pressed”

Realizing Relationship Study

Realizing Relationship

Weekly Bible Study

Every Tuesday, Starting January 22,  2019
Library Room 205
9 : 0 0 pm – 1 0: 00 pm

Facilitator: Lacy Matthews

Fresh Wind Gospel Choir


  • For More info Contact Student

    Director Antoine Morris

    Amorris@ferrum.edu  (434) 429-7854

Mu Sigma Chi


Mu Sigma Chi is a brotherhood based on the life and teachings of Jesus.These are active members in social,college,and community life. For more information you can contact Ricky Phillips at rphillips@ferrum.edu or you can visit  https://www.ferrum.edu/spiritual-life/mu-sigma-chi/

  • Mu Sigma Chi (MEX) Smoker (Vaughn Chapel patio) 5:00-6:30pm



Panther Christian Athletes

  • (PCA) Campus Time Out (Skeens- Franklin Hall) Meeting every Thursday 1/24/19;2/7/19;2/21/19; 3/21/19;4/4/19;4/18/19