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Peg Wimmer
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: Beckham Hall 301
Office Phone: (540) 365-4315

Peg Wimmer

A.A.S., New River Community College
B.S., Radford University
Certificate in Gerontology, Virginia Tech

M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

SOC101 – General Sociology

SOC202 – Social Problems

SOC205 – Marriage and the Family

SOC207 – Sociology of Sex and Gender

SOC310 – Social Class and Inequality

SOC330 – Organization and Behavior

SOC391 – Directed Study in Applied Sociology

SOC470 – Social Science Research Methods

  • Mary B. Lalone, Peg Wimmer, and Reva K. Spence, Eds. Appalachian Farming Life: Memories and Perspectives On Family Farming in Virginia?s New River Valley. LaLone, Wimmer, and Spence, Eds., VA: Brightside Press (2003)
  • Mary B. Lalone, Peg Wimmer, and Amanda Hartle, Eds. The Radford Arsenal: Impacts and Cultural Change in an Appalachian Region, 2nd Edition. VA: Brightside Press (2003)
  • WORK IN PROGRESS Martha J. Wunsch, Kent Nakamoto, Peg Wimmer, and Sidney H. Schnoll. ?Prescription Drug Mortality in Rural Virginia: Characterization of Older Women as a High-Risk Group.? Under review for publication.

Drug Related Deaths in Southwestern Virginia

Sandwich Generation Caregivers

Appalachian Regional Oral Histories