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About the Program

One of the fastest growing and most significant trends of today’s tourism industry, Ecotourism is defined as sustainable tourism responsible to natural and scenic areas that encourages environmental and cultural conservation while promoting local economic development. A minor in Ecotourism will equip Ferrum students to be industry leaders in a rapidly expanding field.

Make a Difference Through Travel

Imagine yourself touring the world’s wildest destinations for a living. This 21-credit minor stamps your passport as a leader of journeys that respect the earth and its diverse and beautiful cultures.

  • World Ecotourism Destinations and Cultures
  • Foundations of Ecotourism
  • Interpreting Culture and Nature
  • Issues in Sustainable and Ecotourism
  • Conservation Biology
  • Recreation Administration

What can I do with a minor in Ecotourism?

  • Architects
  • Construction Managers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Environmental Consultants