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What Skill Level Are You?

  • You have very little or no experience with the dulcimer.
  • You need to learn how to tune and strum the instrument.
  • You are thinking, “It’s been a long time since I’ve played a mountain dulcimer.”
  • You can play a few tunes by ear and/or by using tablature.
  • You are starting to make chords.
  • You are comfortable playing at a slower pace from notation or tab.
  • You have mastered the novice skills.
  • You can play songs up to speed with confidence using melody and chords.
  • You are familiar with chords and scales.
  • You are working on more complex chording and capo use.
  • You are familiar with left hand techniques, hammer-on’s, and pull-off’s.
  • You have knowledge of right and left hand techniques such as flatpicking.
  • You know the instrument well.
  • You can play backup for others.
  • You are comfortable playing in different styles and tunings.
  • You are focusing on style, arrangement, and ornamentation.
  • You are ready for more challenging techniques and repertoire.

Workshops with a listed skill level of “ALL” are suitable for players of any skill level

Our instructors have provided the approximate skill levels needed for each class.

However, they can adjust their instruction to teach to the ability of their class.