About the Program

Ecotourism – Life Is Outside
Imagine touring the world’s wildest destinations for a living. Ferrum College’s newest major stamps your passport as a leader of journeys that respect the earth and its diverse and beautiful cultures.

What is ecotourism?
Ecotourism is responsible, nature-based travel and recreation that supports biodiversity conservation, builds environmental and cultural awareness and respect, and contributes to local economic and social development.

What is the Ferrum College Ecotourism program?
The Ecotourism major combines multidisciplinary knowledge and skills related to ecotourism, protected area management, outdoor recreation, environmental science, and business administration. The Ecotourism major blends traditional classwork and experiential education opportunities.

Chris Mayer
Associate Professor of Ecotourism
B.A. Eastern Illinois University
M.S., Southern Illinois University
Ph.D., Colorado State University

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Ecotourism curriculum includes:

  • World Ecotourism Destinations and Cultures
  • Interpreting Culture and Nature
  • Protected Area Management
  • Adventure Education
  • Natural Resource Conservation
  • Nature Guiding, Fly Fishing, Trail Design, Hunting/Tracking

For full listing of current classes, view the college catalog here.

Experiential Term

Explore how ecotourism promotes local economic development, environmental conservation, and education in a variety of locations including Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ireland, Peru, and others.

Ecotourism Internship

Put ecotourism theories and concepts into practice with hands-on experience under the direction of an ecotourism professional.

What careers are related to ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a career for those who want to protect and promote earth’s diverse natural and cultural resources. The ideal student will be interested in environmental science, conservation, social justice, small business entrepreneurship, and outdoor recreation.

Careers related to communications and marketing include interpretive ranger; interpretive specialist, tour guide, environmental education specialist, ecotourism marketing manager, protected areas communications officer, and travel writer.

Careers related to ecotourism planning include ecotourism project manager, protected area planning consultant, and conservation nonprofit ecotourism development specialist.

Careers related to protected area management include parks and recreation director, park ranger, natural resource manager, conservation scientist, law enforcement ranger, and research station manager.

Careers related to operating ecotourism locations include eco-tour operator, eco-lodge manager, and hunting and fishing guides.