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Computer Technology and Information Systems

About the Program

Computer Information Systems is an interdisciplinary major intended to prepare students in the specialized areas of Web Design, Networking, Technical support, and Programming. Starting from a solid foundation in business and computer concepts, students learn to appreciate and understand the relationships between these two disciplines. The major prepares students to design and implement information decisions support systems: hence, they can fill management, planning, and decision-making roles within any organization. In addition, the emphasis areas will further enable students to fill positions that require specialized skills in computer technology areas. This major also prepares students for graduate studies in business, information systems, or related fields. Graduates from this major may expect to secure jobs as Web Designers, Graphic Art Specialists, Network Specialist/Administrators, Computer Help desk Specialists and Programmers.

Taiwo Ajani
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
BS, University of Ibadan

MS, University of South Florida

Ph.D, Robert Morris University
Omar Darwish
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
B.S., Al al-Bayt University

M.S., Jordan University of Science and Technology

Ph.D., Michigan University

Find Out More

Contact the Program Coordinator of Computer Technology and Information Systems:

Computer Technology and Information Systems curriculum may include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Science of Crime
  • Operating Systems
  • Graphic Art
  • Web Design
  • Java

For full listing of current classes, view the college catalog for Computer Networks and Cybersecurity Emphasis, B.S. or Web Design and Programming Languages for Applications Emphasis, B.S.

Ferrum College believes in hands-on learning in tandem with classroom and textbook studies. Here’s how:

  • Internships: Students are strongly urged to explore career opportunities and to establish mentors through an internship.
  • Computer Labs: There are several paid positions offered to students in the computer labs throughout campus.
  • Work Study: Positions are available in Help Desk Services for students qualifying for work study.
  • Entrepreneurial Action Us (ENACTUS): ENACTUS offers students hands-on experience in various types of business, from annual competitions to establishing and managing the first Subway restaurant run by college students.
  • Business Partnerships: An assortment of courses in this major offer opportunities to work with local business partners to complete projects.
  • Computer Information Systems – Serves to provide information technology and computer management to the community. It encourages high standards of competence and promotes professional attitudes among its members. Open to all students interested in computer sciences. Contact Dr. Taiwo Ajani, extension 4381.

What can I be with a major in Computer Information Systems?

  • Business Programmer
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Contractor
  • Database Administrators
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hardware Specialist
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Network Administrator
  • Production Manager
  • Software Salesperson
  • Software Talent Agent
  • Technical Writer
  • Web Designer