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Nicole LenezNicole was born and raised in Bloomfield, NJ. She studied History and developed a love of museum work as an undergrad at Roanoke College in Salem, VA where she received her BA in 2005.  In addition to academics, Nicole was involved in student organizations and worked numerous jobs on campus, including serving as an RA where she found her passion for working with college students. Nicole received her Masters of Education (Counselor Education: Student Affairs) and her favorite colors (orange and purple) from Clemson University in 2008. She furthered her vocation professionally at Bridgewater College, George Mason University, Roanoke College, James Madison University, and sailed to 15 countries over 4 months on the Semester at Sea program in 2013. She is involved professionally with the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers and the Virginia Association College and University Housing Officers, and has served on both governing councils. Nicole is a sports enthusiast who also enjoys delicious foods (cooking and baking but mostly eating), good tv and movies, and hanging out with friends and family.