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Signage & Postings
All signs, announcements or other posters must be approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (in Franklin Hall) before being posted on campus. Signs without the prior approval will be removed. This includes advertisements for commercial businesses and personal notices. Please note that Residence Halls have a separate posting policy.

To protect surfaces and ensure an attractive campus, signs may only be posted on designated bulletin boards. No signage may be attached to any part of the buildings or furnishings which include but are not limited to windows, doors, walls and columns. Signs that do not follow these criteria will be removed and the event sponsor may be charged.

Event sponsors are responsible for who attends and what occurs during their events. The sponsor or advisor should be present during the event. The event sponsor is responsible for the conduct of attendees, the enforcement of Ferrum College policies and the protection of Ferrum College facilities and property.

Showing of Movies
Ferrum College abides by the copyright and licensing laws of the United States. Any movie shown in a public space must either have the license fee pre-paid or qualify as an educational exemption to the law. To qualify as an education exemption the movie must be shown in a classroom, to a normal class and not be advertised or open to anyone other than members of that specific class. Questions regarding showing of movies on campus should be directed to the Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Engagement.
Student Groups, Clubs, and Organizations Business Activity
A business activity is any form of selling (i.e. selling products, tickets, or services) or solicitation (i.e. collection of goods or funds when there is no product or services received in exchange, such as collecting money for charitable organizations). Permission to conduct business activities must be granted by the Student Leadership Office. The complete policy may be found in the Clubs and Organizations Handbook.

Ticket & Sales Procedures
Ticket rate approval should be requested from the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement in sufficient time prior to the event, sale, printing of tickets, and collection of funds.

Insurance Requirement (For Non-Ferrum College Groups)
Off-campus groups must meet the requirements of Ferrum College’s insurance provider, which generally involves either an insurance rider from the off-campus organization or the purchase of special event insurance through Ferrum College. The event sponsor’s insurance must name Ferrum College as an additional insured and meet the following minimum insurance amounts.



This insurance requirement apples to all off-campus groups that come to Ferrum College, including vendors, contractors, schools, governments and athletic groups.

A copy of the certificate of insurance should be sent to the Conferences & Events Department no later than two weeks before the event date. You may send the insurance certificate once a year for all your entities. A copy of the insurance certificate should also be sent to the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Business Affairs.

Ferrum College is a desirable location for both indoor and outdoor weddings. To ensure that your ceremony is both enjoyable and safe, we ask that you abide by the following.

  • Certain alcoholic beverages are permitted on campus for wedding events. However, prior approval and/or licensing may be applicable. Please contact the Catering Manager at (540) 365-4608 for additional details.
  • All wedding functions which utilize the Vaughn Chapel will require coordination with and approval by the Dean of the Chapel.
  • Decorations may not be nailed, glued, taped, etc. to walls and ceilings. Use of specialized adhesives may be allowed after coordination with the office of Conferences & Events.
  • Outside food and catering services are not permitted. To book catering through Ferrum College Dining Services, please contact the Catering Manager at (540) 365-4608.