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Conferences and Events Room Reservation

Reserve a Space at Ferrum College

Faculty and Staff members –> please log in through the “Sign-In” button on and log in through SSO. Once logged in, please click on the “Brightly Event Manager” button. For assistance signing in, please see the Training Resources section below.

Students –> please contact Office of Student Activities and they will coordinate space reservation request with the Office of Conferences and Events.

Brightly Event Manager is the Official Ferrum College room-reservation and events-management system. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome browser; Internet Explorer/Edge is not recommended. Classroom characteristics, use, and availability are available using this resource. Additional information about Event Manager and help videos can be viewed below.

Requests for Classrooms

Class sections are placed into academic classrooms by the Ferrum College Registrar. Ad hoc events can be reserved in classroom spaces when it does not conflict with the current academic session.

Faculty request classroom needs through their department head or administrative assistant when course sections are being built for an upcoming term. Ad hoc requests for classroom use are made through Event Manager (e.g., make-up classes, film screening, department meetings, guest speakers, study sessions).

Please note: The use of classroom spaces during academic days and times are approved only if they do not conflict with the academic session and with appropriate lead time. Spaces cannot be reserved for college classrooms until after drop-add because the first week of a new term results in a fair amount of classroom “shuffling” and classes take priority over other activities. Requests cannot be held for future approval, so please submit your request after drop-add through Event Manager.

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-face training is available by appointment; contact the Office of Conferences and Events (x4474).These are among the topics available:

  • Basics: Introduction to Event Manager tool, how it will be used at Ferrum College and how to perform basic scheduling tasks. This session is intended for anyone who anticipates scheduling a space of campus.
  • Task Assignees: Event Manager instructions and tips for those individuals whose responsibilities include location / resource requests as part of their role at Ferrum College (e.g. room reservation / housekeeping / catering / facilities / alcohol use requests, etc.)


Event Manger is a Web-based tool for campus-wide use at Ferrum College in reserving and requesting rooms and scheduling events.

Event Manger is administered by designated individuals in the Office of Conferences and Events, with assistance from other departments and technical support.

All outdoor and indoor Ferrum College spaces that can be reserved are included in Event Manager. Space requesters can review characteristics of each space, including installed technology, traditional seating capacity, seating arrangement and a photo of the space. Some private spaces – for example, departmental labs or studios – may appear in Event Manager but only the authorized department may schedule them.

When you use Event Manager to request use of a space, that request is automatically routed to the appropriate person[s]. You will be notified as soon as your request is evaluated by the appropriate space-approver[s].

When you make a request in Event Manager, you will be prompted to request resources such as:

  • catering
  • technology resources, such as a portable projector of screen
  • additional chairs or tables

Contact the Office of Conferences and Event (x4474 or Here are some examples of changes you can request:

  • Request fixes to technical problems
  • Request changes to room descriptions
  • Request changes to room visibility or approval process
  • Request training
  • Requests for changes to confirmed events such as times, dates, spaces should be done by the event requestor through their profile section.