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Fall photo of Ferrum College campus.
Ferrum College News

Spiritual Life Sponsors Fall Break Disaster Recovery Work Team Trip

Ferrum, Va. (Oct. 20, 2016) –Spiritual Life sponsored a Disaster Recovery Work Team trip to Waverly, Va., which was hit by tornadoes in February 2015. The group of 8 from Ferrum College traveled to Waverly to continue the disaster recovery efforts during Fall Break 2016, Oct. 13-16, working through the Virginia Conference United Methodist Volunteers in Mission. Ferrum College is affiliated with the United Methodist Virginia Conference. Team members included Jesse Delph, Katie Delph, Shannon Hardwicke, Casey Hawkins, Mark Kellam, Jan Nicholson Angle, Nia Pettiford, and Nick Sink. See additional photographs here.

The following poem was written by one of the disaster recovery team members after returning from Waverly.

Live a Life Worth Saving

By Anonymous

Live a life worth saving.

That is all he asks you to do.

Help those in need of help, and help them the best you can.

To be patient with others, to refrain from judgment, and to look for the best in them.

To love one another and to treat them as equals.

Simply do what you can, with what you have, when you are able.

Live a life worth saving.