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Athletic Coaching, M.S. Program

Why Study Athletic Coaching at Ferrum College?

The Master of Science in Athletic Coaching program develops and prepares coaches to assist student-athletes in the successful attainment of the well-being of mind, body, and spirit that catalyzes athletic performance. Grounded in current research and framed with leadership, communication, and exercise science principles; this program gives coaches the advanced tools needed to truly understand the athlete and what can contribute to successful individual performance and ultimately successful team and community experiences.

Benefits of the program:

  • 100% online
  • Complete the program in a year
  • Curriculum tied to real-world applications
  • Internship experience
  • Career advancement
  • Effectively and holistically support athletes on and off the field


There are 30 required credit hours of courses in coaching and psychology.


Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Principles of Coaching and Leadership
Technology, Media, and Marketing in Sport
Sports Administration


  • Students wishing to enroll in the online graduate program need to meet all criteria established by our graduate school as listed in the Graduate School Catalog in addition to:
    • A bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance or related field with a discipline cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
    • Submit a 1000-word essay describing how your previous coursework/life/career experiences have prepared you for a graduate program in athletic coaching and sports, and your intended goals based on successful completion of the program.


Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Health and Human Performance
General Manager Ferrum College Fitness Center Director of the MS in Athletic Coaching
Swartz 113
Adjunct Instructor of M.S. Athletic Coaching
Adjunct Instructor of M.S. Athletic Coaching
Adjunct Instructor of M.S. Athletic Coaching

Contact the Program Coordinator of Athletic Coaching:

M.S. in Athletic Coaching (online degree coursework)

Course NumberCourse TitleHours
COA 501*COA 501 Ethics and Professional Issues3
PSY 502*PSY 502 Research Methods in the Social Sciences3
COA 503**Legal Aspects in Sports3
COA 504*Principles of Coaching and Leadership3
COA 505***Wellness of the Athlete3
COA 506***Sports Medicine and Performance3
COA 507*Technology, Media, and Marketing in Sport3
COA 509**Sport Statistics and Analytics3
COA 510*Advanced Strength and Conditioning3
COA 512*Sports Administration3
COA 570*Experiential Internship3
COA 575*Professional Portfolio and Capstone3
Total Required Program Hours30

*Indicates required courses.
**Must take either COA 503 Legal Aspects in Sport or COA 509 Sports Statistics and Analytics
***Must take either COA 505 Wellness of the Athlete or COA 506 Sports Medicine and Performance