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Need to get ahead in your coursework or improve your grade point average? A course completed through Acadeum will impact your grade, just like a Ferrum College course!

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The course equivalencies indicate approved online Acadeum courses and the Ferrum College equivalent. Click here for more information. 

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The RN to BSN program at Ferrum College underscores the significance of research and evidence-based practice, leadership, legal, and ethical implications in contemporary nursing practice. 

Academic Accommodations

If you believe you may need academic accommodations during any Acadeum term, as related to a disability and your course, please notify Professor Nancy Beach, OAA Director.  When possible, notifying OAA before the start date will help with the timeliness of granting the accommodations for your request. Learn more about Academic Accessibility Services.

Students enrolled in a Ferrum College Acadeum class may be eligible for academic accommodations that align with their disability documentation.  If you would like information about academic accommodations, you may contact Nancy Beach nbeach@ferrum.edu for assistance or to discuss the process.

Requests for accommodations must be made promptly, and are not retroactive in most cases.

Academic Support

If you have questions or concerns regarding accommodations or need academic support please click here and a representative will respond to you within 48 hours.


How do I register for a course being offered by an Acadeum school?

If you would like to take an online course listed above, ACADEUM with your student email address and use the magnifying glass icon to find the course.  Select the term that the suits your needs and click the blue register now button.

How do Ferrum Students Register for an Online Course?

Current Ferrum students can register for courses that our own faculty are offering by simply logging into their course planning tool on portal. The courses being offered in the upcoming term are below.  Get advisor approval and register.

Contact Us

Ashley Williams
Director of Online Learning
Adjunct Instructor of Developmental English
B.S. Radford University
M.S. Virginia Tech
Ed.S. University of Virginia

Summer II Term Courses runs from Monday, June 20 – Friday, August 5, 2022.

Students can register for these courses beginning on March 28. Summer Term II registration ends on June 23, 2022.

There is a $50 technology fee. 

BIO-110Introductory Biology IFredericksen, Todd$800
BIO-111Biology IIMcCusker, Kasey$800
BIO-255Human Anatomy & Physiology IIHedrick, Mary Ann$800
BIO-360PathophysiologyRuffin, Jennifer$600
BUS-207Introduction to Sales ManagementShome, Andy$600
BUS-230Computer ApplicationsPotter, Jessica$600
BUS-304AdvertisingShome, Andy$600
CHM-104General Chemistry IIJones, Stan$800
CHM-105Intro to Organic and BiochemistryJones, Stan$800
ENG-100Fundamentals of WritingWilliams, Ashley$600
ENG-206American Literature IIGrimes, Katerine$600
HHP-348Sports NutritionCarpenter, Karen$600
HIS-111World History to 1500Daniels, Tim$600
HIS-112World History after 1500Hancock-Parmer, Michael$600
HIS-351Military HistoryHancock-Parmer, Michael$600
MTH-107Introduction to Finite MathematicsAllen, Justin$600
MTH-208Introductory StatisticsFaulkner, Bryan$600
MUS-100Music AppreciationCundiff, Ashley$600
MUS-358Music: Baroque and Classic PeriodsAyers-Barnard, Jennifer$600
NUR-471Current, Future, and Transcultural Issues in NursingWilkins, Nancy$930
PHI-211EthicsCorvin, Jack$600
PSC-498Capstone in PoliticsVia, Sandra$600
PSY-201General PsychologyJamison, Abigail$600
PSY-210Human Growth and Development - LifespanStein, Sharon$600
SCI-198Medical TerminologyGentry, Dawn$600
SSC-251Introduction to Social Science ResearchHally, Edward$600
THA-100Theatre AppreciationCrocker, Rebecca$600
THA-222Voice and DictionMcAllister, Adam$600

The Online Winter Term runs from November 28, 2022 – January 13, 2023. 

Students can register for these courses through Self-Service during registration week, October 24-28.

CourseCourse TitleInstructorCost
BIO 110Introductory Biology IFredericksen$915.00
BIO 203Microbiology for HealthMcCusker$915.00
BUS 207-001Introduction to MarketingShome$705.00
BUS 207-002Introduction to Sales ManagementShome$705.00
BUS 304Integrated Marketing Communication & AdvertisingShome$705.00
CHM 103General Chemistry IJones$915.00
ENG 111Composition and RhetoricHarl$705.00
ENG 112Composition and ResearchGrimes$705.00
ENG 201World Literature IHarl$705.00
HHP 252Foundations of Health and Human Performance ProfessionsCasey$705.00
HIS 111World History to 1500Daniels$705.00
HIS 112World History after 1500Hancock-Parmer$705.00
HIS 201American History IGreer-Golda$705.00
HIS 202American History IISuttell$705.00
MTH 107Introduction to Finite MathematicsAllen$705.00
MTH 111Pre-Calculus IAllen$705.00
MTH 208Introductory StatisticsFaulkner$705.00
MUS 100Music AppreciationCundiff$705.00
PHI 211EthicsCorvin$705.00
PSC 202State and Local GovernmentHalley$705.00
PSY 201General PsychologyJamison$705.00
PSY 210Human Growth and Development - LifespanStein$705.00
PSY 211Human Growth and Development - Child and AdolescentStein$705.00
THA 222Voice and DictionMcAllister$705.00

Course Equivalencies

The course equivalencies indicate approved online Acadeum courses and the Ferrum College equivalent.

AcadeumFerrum College
ACC 4313ACC 306, Governmental & Non Profit Accounting
BIOL 1401BIO 105, Concepts in Biology
BIO 1407BIO 110, Introduction to Biology I
BIO 1406BIO 111, Introduction to Biology II
BSC2085CBIO 254, Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSC2086CBIO 255, Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BSC 2025BIO 320, Nutrition
BS-CP 235BUS 230, Computer Applications
MKT 230BUS311, Marketing
MGT 330BUS313, Business Finance
CRIJ 1301CJU 201, Criminal Justice
CRIJ 1310CJU 220, Criminal Law
COMP 1301CSC 100, Computer Literacy
CTS3107CCSC 102, Concepts in Computer Information Systems
CTS 3135CSC 102, Hardware Maintenance and Troubleshooting
COMP 101CSC 125, Concepts in Computer Information Systems
CS101CSC 125, Concepts in Computer Information Systems
CSC101CSC 125, Concepts in Computer Information Systems
CIS 201CSC 229, Programming Concepts and Algorithm Design
CS 310CSC 235, Programming for Portable Devices
ISM 4113CSC 455, Systems Analysis and Design
ECO 1023ECO 202, Microeconomics
ENGL 1303ENG 100, Fundamentals or Writing
EN101ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENC 1101ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENG114ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENG141ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 111ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1301ENG 101, Composition and Rhetoric
ENC 2102ENG 102, Composition and Research
ENGL 1302ENG 102, Composition and Research
EN102ENG 102, Composition and Research
ENG 112ENG 102, Composition and Research (Palm Beach Atlantic)
ENG 112ENG 102, Composition and Research (McKendree University)
ENG124ENG 102, Composition and Research
ENG134ENG 200, Intro to Literary Studies
ENGL 112ENG 200, Intro to Literary Studies (Jacksonville College)
ENGL 1302ENG 200, Intro to Literary Studies
ENG 2327ENG 202, World Literature II
ENGL 2162ENG 202, World Literature II
ENGL 230ENG 206, American Literature II
ENG 161ENG 218, Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL 3361ENG 218, Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 4337ENG 319, Advanced Prose Writing
ENG 4345ENG 365, Shakespeare
ENC3213ENG 461, Professional Writing
ENG 314ENG 461, Professional Writing
HIST 1301HIS 201, American History I
HIST 1302HIS 202, American History II
MEA 2244HSC 290, Topics in Health Sciences
*MAT 104
Offered by the American Women's College of Bay Path University 
MTH 100, Intermediate Algebra
MAT 1033MTH 100, Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1301MTH 105, Fundamentals of Mathematics
MAT-202 Finite MathematicsMTH-107 Introduction to Finite Mathematics
MATH 1314MTH 111, Pre-Calculus I
MATH 1342MTH 208, Introductory Statistics
STA 2023MTH 208, Introductory Statistics
POLS 2301PSC 101, American National Government
GOVT 2306PSC 202, State and Local Government
SS-PY 110PSY 201, General Psychology
SS-PY 320PSY 230, Social Psychology
SS-PY 330PSY 320, Abnormal Psychology
BIB 1003REL 111, Literature of the Bible
MT-BI 100REL 111, Literature of the Bible
BBL 1013REL 112, Literature of the Old Testament
BIB 112REL 112, Literature of the Old Testament
RELI 1301REL 112, Literature of the Old Testament
BIB 113REL 113, Literature of the New Testament
MT-BI 102REL 113, Literature of the New Testament
REL 124REL 113, Literature of the New Testament
RELI 1302REL 113, Literature of the New Testament
PH123REL 151, World Religions
REL 1321REL 151, World Religions
REL 225REL 151, World Religions
THEO 290REL 151, World Religions
REL 215REL 210, American Gods
REL 315REL 210, American Gods
REL 3363REL 210, American Gods
RELI 2302REL 316, Life and Letters of Paul
BIOL 2404SCI 128, The Healthy Human Body (2) &
SCI 129, The Diseased Human Body (2)
MEA 2235SCI 128, The Healthy Human Body (2) &
SCI 129, The Diseased Human Body (2)
SOC 150SOC 101, General Sociology
SOC 2301SOC 101, General Sociology
SOC101SOC 101, General Sociology
SOCI 1306SOC 202, Social Problems
SS-PO 112SOC 202, Social Problems
INP 3224SOC 203, Cultural Diversity
SOC 2390SOC 203, Sociology of U.S. Cultural Diversity
SOC 360SOC 203, Sociology of U.S. Cultural Diversity
SO103SOC 205, Marriage and the Family
SOC 3325SOC 320, Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 1301SOC 330, Organizations and Behavior