I Support Ferrum College Because…

//I Support Ferrum College Because…
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Beckham Hall Lab c. 1950s
May Day Ceremony c. early 1960s
Ferrum Marching Band c. 1976
Graduating Class of 2019

Welcome Letter from Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends of Ferrum College,

Like many of you, I came to Ferrum as an average student with average ambitions. Having arrived from a small town in East Tennessee, I was immediately drawn to Ferrum’s welcoming, collaborative community and its commitment to “Not Self, But Others.” Through its academic support, experiential learning opportunities, and faculty accessibility, I graduated four years later with a sense of purpose, confidence, and resolve that led me to pursue a Master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School and a career serving rural communities throughout the Appalachian region. I also gained lasting friendships, countless memories, and a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds the Ferrum College campus.

Yet, as you’ll see from the testimonials below, my Ferrum story is not unique. From Maury Carter ’53 to Vanessa Torres ’12, Ferrum College has always played a transformative role in shaping its students’ personal, spiritual, professional, and intellectual growth.

It is with that in mind that I ask you to join me in supporting today’s Ferrum College students. Just as our own student experiences were supported by prior generations of alumni, faculty, staff, and countless friends of the College, now it is our turn to ensure that Ferrum continues to be a source of hope, personal development, and academic exploration to present and future generations of Ferrum students.

Will you join me by making a gift today or by entering a pledge of support?

Thank you for your continued support of Ferrum College. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you now and in the years ahead.

Let’s get started!



Wilson Paine ’07
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Alumni Testimonials

...self-confidence and solid work ethic...

“After I attended Ferrum, I was drafted into the Korean War and immediately realized a great benefit from my education: I was placed in the personnel office, not a combat unit, because of knowledge and skills I developed at Ferrum. This education prepared me for my post-war job with the Glenn L. Martin Company, now Lockheed Martin. The self-confidence and solid work ethic I first developed at Ferrum College enabled me to branch out into real estate 35 years ago.”

- Maury Carter ’53

...common sense education...

“The wonderful folks at Ferrum believed in me before I did and I came away in 1967 an entirely new person. The nurturing faculty, great spiritual leadership, and common sense education has allowed me to achieve many positive things in my life.”

- Bev Fitzpatrick ’67

...a lifelong love of learning...

“It was Ferrum’s nurturing and caring environment that, for the first time in my young life of 18 years, gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and to develop a lifelong love of learning. Early on I was able to take a leadership position on the student newspaper, which eventually led to my becoming editor-in-chief. I discovered the fields of journalism and mass communication which became my lifelong career.”

- Ron Singleton ’70

... same solid values, new methods, newer facilities...

“Last fall, I attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the renovation of Riddick Hall. Anyone who lived in the old Riddick would be as surprised by the update as I was. Come back for a campus visit; you’ll be pleased with what you find at Ferrum – same solid values with new methods and newer facilities.”

- Steve Walker ’70

...a quality education, a successful career...

“Graduating from a small high school as an average student, Ferrum College took a chance on me.  Through the support of faculty, staff and administration, I was able to earn a quality education that allowed me to have a successful 27-year career in social work.”

- Susan Jones Childers ’81

...opportunities to pursue my passions...

“Ferrum College provided me with amazing opportunities to pursue my passions: I played football, worked in the sports information office, played trumpet for the music department, and served as class president. After college, I fulfilled my dream of playing professional football in the Arena Football League. My pro career and Ferrum’s motto of “Not Self, But Others” ultimately led me to start my own sports performance training business.”

- Nate Daniels ’99

...business and entrepreneurial skills...

“While at Ferrum, I participated in the African-American Association and Students in Free Enterprise, helping students understand entrepreneurship, assisting startup companies in the community, and tutoring students in accounting. With my Ferrum academic foundation, I later obtained my master’s degree in business. I believe strongly that whatever I have accomplished thus far has its roots in my Ferrum College experience.”

- Twyla Tatum ’04

...a strong foundation and invaluable skills...

“My Ferrum education extended well beyond the classroom. I received guidance and support from professors and made lifelong friendships. Attending Ferrum provided a strong foundation and invaluable skills for my career in the media industry.”

- Vanessa Torres ’12

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