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The Ferrum Fund is unrestricted dollars given by loyal alumni and friends of Ferrum College that can be used to fund scholarships, academic programs, athletics, and more. When you support the Ferrum Fund, you are helping our students get the most out of their education by providing them with the things they need to be successful. You are also helping Ferrum College become more valuable and competitive by enhancing our academic offerings as well as our co-curricular programs.

Alumni participation is the percentage of alumni who support Ferrum with financial gifts. Each year, colleges and universities are ranked based on a number of criteria, including alumni participation. The rate is also a determining factor for outside corporations and foundations when considering whether to fund grant requests from the College.

YOUR Support Makes It ALL Possible!

Your Ferrum Fund support provides a variety of academic programs, study abroad, internships, certificate programs, leadership training, mission trips to far-off lands, and undergraduate research opportunities. 

With your Ferrum Fund support, we empower our students to discover their potential, achieve their goals, and make a difference in their communities. 

Your support of the Ferrum Fund makes it possible to offer students hands-on learning opportunities on campus, in the local community, out of state, or abroad in countries like Belize, Ireland, and Mexico. Real-world application engages our students at deeper levels. 

Your Ferrum Fund support enables our students to achieve successful outcomes even before they graduate through participation in opportunities that strengthen their resumes and give them real-world experience. Our alumni are living proof that a Ferrum College education yields success.