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Panther Club

Division III sports are all about the love of the game. Ferrum student competition is made possible by patrons who support Division III collegiate sports for the same reason. Our greatest measure of success is not what we get from the game but what we give to it. The Panther Club was formed to strengthen Ferrum College athletics by providing direct support to sports teams through fund-raising and promotion. Panther Club donors help Ferrum athletic programs with their most immediate needs including uniforms, travel, facilities, equipment, and much more! Your donation can be directed to the program of your choice or to the Athletic Department as a whole. Either way, you will be an integral part of Panther student-athletes’ success.

Membership Levels:

  • Panther Club Black and Gold – $1,000+Panther Club Gold – $500-$999
  • Panther Club Black – $100-$499
  • Panther Club Fan – $50-$99

Ferrum College recognizes all Panther Club donors with listings in the annual Honor Roll of Donors.