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Forum on Critical Thinking, Innovation, and LeadershipFerrum College Forum


Ferrum College ForumIn the complex and rapidly-changing global marketplace it is essential that leading figures in business, government and social enterprise have a forum in which to exchange ideas regarding new developments in geographic/cultural/public policy issues, new technologies, energy innovations, social sciences, economic trends and environmental concerns.

The Ferrum College Forum is the catalyst for such an exchange by presenting these nationally recognized speakers who will share their perspectives on global economic fiscal trends, future global challenges, opportunities and risks.

The 2017 Forum on Criticial Thinking, Innovation, and Leadership has been cancelled. Information and updates will be posted here for future Forum on Critical Thinking, Innovation, and Leadership.

The 2016 Forum will examine pertinent sections of the Fifth Amendment as it addresses eminent domain, civil asset forfeitures, and just compensation from a variety of perspectives. Discussion includes pros and cons regarding the government’s power to take private property for public use as well as equitable reparation for confiscated properties.

Jeffrey R. Allen
Senior Assistant Attorney General,
Chief of Transportation Section,
Office of Attorney General of Virginia

Coleman Bazelon
Principal, The Brattle Group

Elliott J. Casey
Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney
Special Assistant United States Attorney

Julia D. Mahoney
John S. Battle Professor of Law
University of Virginia School of Law

Robert J. Poggenklass
Tony Dunn Legal Fellow,
ACLU of Virginia

The fifth annual Forum will examine the causes of market weakness and possible solutions to restoring the vitality of the U.S. housing finance system while reducing taxpayers’ risk to potential future losses.

Edward J. DeMarco
Senior Fellow in Residence,
Milken Institute Center
for Financial Markets

Gretchen C. Morgenson
Assistant Business and Financial
Editor, Columnist,
New York Times

Michael A. Stegman
Counselor to the Secretary
of the Treasury for Housing
Finance Policy

The 2014 Forum addresses the topic of Internet privacy. Between the revelations about NSA ‘meta data’ collections and reports of Google’s use of Gmail content to target advertising, privacy has emerged as an important topic in our national policy agenda.

H. Morgan Griffith
US Representative for VA’s 9th
Congressional District

Coleman Bazelon
Principal, The Brattle Group

Steven G. Bradbury
Partner, Dechert LLP

Priscilla M. Regan
Chair, Public and International Affairs,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
George Mason University

Amie Stepanovich
Senior Policy Counsel, Access

The 2013 Ferrum College Forum addresses the physical sustainability of modern life; specifically our requirements for water, energy, and food.  These essential elements share the conditions of being limited relative to our needs and availability now and in the future. There are important interconnections and trade offs in society’s attempts to increase the supply of each.

Janaki Alavalapati
Department Head of Forest Resources,
Environmental Conservation
College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech

Ann Bartuska
Deputy Under Secretary,
US Department of Agriculture’s
Research, Education, and Economics

Coleman Bazelon
Principal, The Brattle Group

Travis Hill
Virginia Deputy Secretary
of Agriculture and Forestry

Frank Rusco
Director, Natural Resource, Environment
Energy and Science
US Government Accountability Office

Lisa Vojta
Senior Analyst, Natural Resources &
Environmental Team
US Government Accountability Office

The National Debt Tour is a nation-wide tour of policymakers, fiscal experts, and business leaders as part of the national “Go Big” campaign pushing for a major deficit reduction deal in 2012. The first event was held at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University in Febru-ary. We are very pleased to present the second stop on the tour at the Ferrum College Forum on Critical Thinking, Innovation & Leadership. The event will be a frank discussion of the U.S. budget situation and the political and policy solutions that will be required for the country to overcome the enormous fiscal challenge it faces. It will offer Americans across the country an opportunity to learn more about the threat posed by the national debt and how to address it.

The Hon. Mark Warner
US Senator, Virginia
69th Governor of Virginia

The Hon. Bob Goodlatte
US Representative
Virginia’s 6th
Congressional District

The Hon. Robert Hurt
US Representative,
Virginia’s 5th
Congressional District

Dr. Joe Minarik
Senior Vice President & Director
of Research, Committee for
Economic Development

Dr. Paul Posner
Director, Centers on the Public Service,
George Mason Univeristy
former Director of Federal Budget and
Director, Intergovernmental Relations,
Government Accountability Office

Dr. Marvin Phaup
Research Scholar & Professional Lecturer,
George Washington University
Former Deputy Assistant
Congressional Budget Office

The goals of the inaugural Forum on Critical Thinking included:

  • To enhance the awareness and reputation of Ferrum College as a vital entity in the region’s economic and business development.
  • To showcase the quality and competiveness of Ferrum College programs, faculty, staff and students made evident through our multifaceted educational experience which focuses on leading-edge learning opportunities, diverse outdoor, cultural, and service activities, and spiritual enrichment.
  • To be a catalyst for ongoing exchange between leaders in business, government, and social enterprise where ideas regarding new developments in geographic/cultural/public policy issues, new technologies, energy innovations, social sciences, economic trends and environmental concerns could be exchanged.

Mr. Ronald Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Verdant Power Inc.

Dr. Jeffrey Lacker
President of the Federal Reserve
Bank of Richmond

The Hon. Lawrence Eagleburger
Former US Secretary of State