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Veteran's Benefits

Veteran’s Benefits may be available for active duty or retired military students, or dependents of military personnel. All educational benefit information as stated below, as well as current application process and payment amounts are available online at

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students who are reviewing other programs not specifically listed below should contact the Veteran’s Benefit Administrator at Ferrum College to ensure that the institution participates in those potential military benefit programs.

This institution is approved to offer GI Bill®  educational benefits by the Virginia State Approving Agency.

Receipt of Chapter 33/Yellow Ribbon Veteran's Benefits and Financial Aid

Students who will receive Chapter 33 Veteran’s Benefits/Yellow Ribbon will have their Financial Aid evaluated based on receipt of this program.  Students from Virginia are required to complete a Military Benefits Worksheet that will assist the Financial Aid Office in determining the student’s eligibility for available state funding (i.e. Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant etc.).  All Veteran’s Benefit programs and all funds received must be counted as financial aid when determining eligibility for state funds.

Students will be allowed to utilize their merit scholarships (Ferrum Scholarships/Merit Grants, Ferrum Transfer Scholarships/Grants) to assist with paying up to 50% of room and board costs.  All other institutional need based grants (Ferrum Grant, Endowments and Foundation Grants, and some other federal or state need based programs will not be available to students receiving this benefit.

Students who qualify for Pell Grants may use those funds to assist with costs for the academic year.  Student Loans are also available for students to assist with additional costs if necessary.

Receipt of Other Veteran's Benefit Programs and Financial Aid

Students who receive other Veteran’s Benefit programs (Chapters 31, 35, 1606, 1607, etc.) will have their financial aid reviewed to determine eligibility for state funding (i.e Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant).  All Veteran’s Benefit programs must be counted as financial aid when determining eligibility for state funds.  The Financial Aid Office will use the most current payment rates on the GI Bill website to determine eligibility for state funding.  To learn more on eligibility, transfer of benefits, payment rates, etc. students and parents should visit the GI Bill Website by clicking here.

To Apply

  • The student must have applied for Admission to Ferrum College.  Students can apply online at
  • The Parent should submit the TEB (Transfer of Education Benefits) online with the Department of Defense.
  • Upon approval of the benefit transfer, the student will need to apply for the education benefits (GI Bill) with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
  • Upon approval of your Veteran’s Benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  Forward a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, which designates your benefit information/eligibility, to the Veteran’s Benefits Certifying Official at Ferrum College, PO Box 1000, Ferrum, VA 24088.
  • Students  or parents with questions should contact the Veteran’s Benefits Certifying Official at (540) 365-6924.