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Teacher Relicensure Points

Public School Teachers, You May Be Able to Earn Re-Licensure Points at the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival!

With approval from your supervisor/principal, you can earn Virginia re-licensure points while building your dulcimer playing skills you can use in the classroom.

Regulations vary from state to state. 

Be sure to check with your principal and/or the appropriate administrator in your central office for the exact details applicable to your school system and state.

  • Each contact hour at the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival can earn you one point.
  • You should be able to count the daily workshops, the evening dulcimer orchestra workshops, and the Sunday morning showcase.
  • Other activities, such as orientation and evening concerts, will likely also qualify for points.

To earn points at the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival in Virginia:

  1. Prior to registering for the festival, inform your supervisor (usually your principal) and/or central office administrator about the CRDF. Make sure your school system will approve your attendance for relicensure points as well as your leave time for Friday.  Since the CRDF opening activities start on Thursday evening, you may want to arrive on Thursday, but some teachers arrive on Friday in time for the workshops.
  2. Let the festival director know you are turning in your festival attendance for relicensure points. We will then document your attendance.  Documentation will be kept on file at Blue Ridge Institute & Museum of Ferrum College.
  3. An official letter of documentation of your attendance and contact hours can be sent to you upon request. All requests should be sent to bri@ferrum.edu
  4. Give that document to your supervisor and send it on to whoever maintains your relicensure file in your school system.