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Festival Facilities

Dyer & Clark Halls — Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival housing accommodations, vendor sales, and workshops all take place in Dyer Hall and Clark Hall, Ferrum College’s newest residence-conference buildings.  Dyer and Clark Halls are located side by side.  Each residence room is outfitted with its own bathroom, individual climate controls, two single beds, chests of drawers, desks, and chairs.  The common living area on each floor provides space for jamming, workshops, and socializing.  Both buildings have a kitchen, laundry facilities, and full handicap accessibility (with elevator).  Like all buildings on the Ferrum College campus, Dyer Hall and Clark Hall are non-smoking facilities.  Ample parking is located immediately in front of and behind the buildings.

Note:  A room will be available near the Dyer Hall Conference Room for commuters to store their instruments.  Ferrum College student assistants working for the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival are stationed in Dyer Hall to monitor the building.

Franklin Hall — Meals, the morning all-participant workshops, the orchestra rehearsals, and the evening performances take place in Franklin Hall.  Franklin Hall houses the main college dining area as well as the Panther’s Den, a cabaret-type facility with booths, tables, a stage, and a dance floor.  Franklin Hall is a ten-minute walk from Dyer and Clark Halls.

Other Amenities on Campus

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Admission to Ferrum College’s Blue Ridge Institute & Farm Museum, the Virginia State Center for Blue Ridge Folklore
  • Hiking trails through Ferrum College’s 700 acres
  • Tri-Area Community Health Center (a public health center)
  • Ferrum YMCA

Note:  Cell phone service is limited to Verizon and US Cellular.

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