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Graduate Success Stories

Employment and Graduate/Professional School Survey

Ferrum College conducted its inaugural Graduate Employment and Alumni Relations Surveys for graduates who are one year out of school and five years out of school.  For the 2011 (1 Year Out) portion of the survey, 103 responses were collected yielding a 56% return rate. For the 2007 (5 Year Out) portion of the survey, 34 responses were collected yielding a 33% return rate. The data was collected via web based applications and data mining when necessary.  Figures have been rounded for this report.  It should be noted that previously the Career Services Office conducted annual surveys on graduate employment information.


Ferrum Graduate Success Stories

Wilson Paine '07

Wilson Paine ’07
Graduate Student, Harvard Divinity School

Wilson was a History major with minors in Political Science and Philosophy. He was elected president of the Student Government Association and was a member of the tennis team all four years. He graduated Magna Cum Lauda and made the 2007 ESPN Magazine Academic All-America 1st Team (the first Ferrum athletic to make the 1st Team). He is the recipient of the USA South Conference Highest Athletic honor – the Don Scalf Award.

Here’s what Wilson has to say about his Ferrum experience:

“As a Ferrum College senior majoring in history, I want to encourage you to consider Ferrum. I grew up in Maryville, Tennessee where I went to school, played sports, worked different jobs, and spent time with a large group of friends. When I became a senior, I needed to make a decision about what would be next in my life.

“I first looked at Ferrum because I knew that I wanted to go where I could meet new people and experience new things. I did some research and found that Ferrum had exactly what I was looking for: 1) my classes would be small enough so that my professors would know me by name 2) the campus was beautiful and, 3) I could play tennis. My only concern was that since Ferrum was a private college, I was afraid it would be too expensive for me. However, after I was accepted, I found that I could actually attend Ferrum for a price close to what I expected to pay at a state school. I packed my bags and headed to Ferrum!

“In the fall of my freshman year, my advisor told me about a scholarship that would allow me to work at The Washington Center in Washington D.C. and study the 2004 Presidential Election. I landed the scholarship and was able to spend time in Washington and attend Ferrum’s study abroad program and was selected for the semester-long program in London. These were unbelievable opportunities for anyone, but especially so for a college freshman from a small town in Tennessee!

“Ferrum College offers you the entire package of academic, social, athletic and other learning opportunities that will no doubt change your life forever. Your college experience will impact you for a lifetime – make it memorable!”

Jon Morris '94

Jon Morris ’94
Executive Director, STEP Inc.

“My time at Ferrum College (1990 – 1994) helped me grow and develop in so many ways. The professors challenged me academically and they expected me to be successful. For the first time in my life, I was excited about learning and that excitement is still with me today. I love reading and learning about so many different things; Ferrum did that for me. I’m currently pursuing my Masters Degree and Ferrum prepared me very well.

“My Ferrum experience helped me create some amazing relationships. I often run into professors that I haven’t seen in 10 years, and they still know my name. My former classmates will always have a special place in my heart. The staff at Ferrum became my second family. Everyone from financial aid to the bookstore to the cafeteria genuinely cared about me and the other students. How amazing is that? The entire community, not just professors, encouraged our development and they were willing to help us in any way.

“The impact Ferrum has made on my life is immeasurable. Because Ferrum is smaller, I was able to interact with other students and professors easier than some of my friends who went to larger schools. I had to be proactive, learn to work in groups, and be ready to get involved in any task when I was invited. This has helped me tremendously as an Executive Director of a non-profit agency. Ferrum laid the foundation by challenging me as a student, teaching me leadership skills, and giving me confidence in my abilities.

“I often meet young people who lack confidence in themselves and some students who think they don’t belong in college. I always recommend Ferrum or other small, private colleges for them to consider. Private colleges specialize in giving those students the tools they need to thrive, the education to prepare them for life after college, and the support to help them grow into a confident young adult.”

Katie Ingram ’07
Account Coordinator, Neathawk, Dubuque & Packett
Katie was a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management and Marketing. She was the president of the Students In Free Enterprise organization and on the SIFE Speaking Team for all four years. Katie was an Admissions Ambassador and a member of the Lambda Sigma Honor Society among other college responsibilities.

Bryce Burnett ’06
Corporate Sales Representative for the North Carolina Division of Gold Kist, Inc.
As a high school student, Bryce Burnett had the opportunity to play football at the Division I level and was offered scholarships to the University of Connecticut, Louisville, Florida State, and Vanderbilt. In the end, Burnett chose the stability of what Ferrum’s strong Agriculture program could offer over a gamble at a career in football. After graduation and one year working as the Quality Assurance Supervisor, Bryce was promoted to the corporate offices in Atlanta, GA., as a Corporate Sales Representative for the North Carolina Division.

Sylvio Brutus ’02
Athletic Director, Randolph Macon Academy, Front Royal, VA
Sylvio’s major was Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Decision Support Systems. His minor was History. Sylvio played on the Men’s Basketball Team for four years and the Men’s Cross Country Team. He was a Community Advisor in the residents halls and a Bonner Scholar.

Jay Greeley ’02
Budget Analyst-United States Department of Defense “Ferrum defines the world ‘opportunity’ to me. Not only do you have the opportunity to gain knowledge for a rewarding career, but you are also armed with information and experience to make you a well-rounded global citizen.”

Amy Hayes ’00
Resident Physician
“I initially wanted to go to a large university to prepare for medical school. However, at Ferrum I was never just another face in the crowd. All of my professors knew my name and wanted to help me obtain my dream of becoming a missionary doctor.”

Hollie Hall Flynn ’94
Owner and Operator of three Curves franchise locations
“Ferrum felt right from the very beginning. The sense of community and how that affects you as a student is phenomenal. The impact that Ferrum has and how the motto ‘Not Self, But Others’ will change you develops over time.”

Nicole Strach Parris ’92
Author of the The 8th Journal, a nationally acclaimed novel
“I knew the second I laid eyes on Ferrum’s campus I was home. Everything was beautiful. Surrounded by the mountains and the forests full of trees, I just knew this was the college for me. The brick buildings were absolutely timeless. And the faces that welcomed me were sincere. It was like the shoe fit and I happily wore it for the next four years.”

Shelby Irving ’84
Assistant Fire Marshall of Danville
Shelby Irving’s positive outlook, dedication to community and dependability have guided her since her early days at Ferrum. She is a true testament to Ferrum’s motto, “Not Self, But Others.”

Mike Ferguson ’81
Events, Sales, and Catering Coordinator of Ferrum College
“I’ve enjoyed meeting up with old friends and I’m finding my biggest joy is working with our students. They keep me young. I enjoy teaching students the aspects of catering, detailed table set ups, and proper etiquette.”

Larry Rogers ’77
Former Mayor of Harrisonburg
“The experience of playing football for Coach Norton has helped me to become the leader that I am today. In playing football for Coach Norton, you learned that quitting was not an option. He taught us that when you get knocked down you get back up.. and in life when you get knocked down you get back up as well.”