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Career Services

The Career Services Office (CSO) at Ferrum College helps students early on establish career objectives and, closer to graduation, initiate a job search that meets the individual needs of the student. Career searching is a process that should begin in the freshman year and continue well after one’s college years. It includes such activities as self-assessment, career exploration, and the employment search process. Satisfactory career choices are based on knowing one’s interests, values, strengths, and personality. Summer jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities help students make informed decisions leading to positive employment and/or graduate school choices.

Our Services

Alumni Career Network

A network of Ferrum College alumni provides career assistance to students in cooperation with the office to provide internship information, career advice, and employment prospects. Alumni are welcome to seek assistance with the employment search process when needed.

Career Advising

Career Advising

Members of the professional staff advise students from freshman year through senior year about choosing a major, career concerns, and assist them in preparation for employment or advanced studies. Students are welcome to discuss self-assessment, academic planning, summer job search, internship opportunities, or plans for graduate or professional schools.

Career Assessment Surveys

Computer-administered surveys are available for students who want to gather information about their interests and values as related to career and academic major choices. The interpretation of career surveys are provided in group settings or individually. There is no charge for Focus 2 or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator surveys.

Career Fairs

Currently there are two career fairs provided by the CSO each year during the spring semester.  The Career Services Office sponsors an on-campus Human Services Career Fair, focusing on Criminal Justice and Social Services fields. The other major Spring semester career fair is a joint fair which includes students from Averett University, Bridgewater College, Ferrum College, Mary Baldwin College, Radford University, and Virginia Western Community College. The joint career fair held in Roanoke will draw from a base of about 30,000 students seeking internships and full and part-time employment.


Career Library

An extensive collection of books, brochures, videotapes and handouts are available in the office, covering all aspects of career opportunities, graduate and/or professional schools, internships, and business and professional directories. Students are welcome to walk in and explore and spend time researching the career/employment search resources.

Employment Search Process

Our staff encourages each student to make an appointment to discuss a plan of action regarding their employment or graduate school search. Areas of assistance include Internet search, internships, resume writing, interviewing skills, and critiquing video-taped mock interviews. Employment search workshops will also be conducted throughout the semester and advertised to students and faculty.

Graduate and Professional School Application

Assistance with the graduate school application process and computer administrated sample tests are available for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Please call Jennifer Oakes for an appointment at 540-365-4259.

Internships and Summer Employment

Information and advice are provided concerning opportunities to gain work experience through participating in internships, volunteer programs, and summer employment. Alumni and on-campus sponsored internships, internship files, and directories are available in the office and internet links on the CSO website.

Professional Protocol Dinner for Seniors

A dinner co-sponsored by Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and area businesses. The dinner gives students an opportunity to practice networking with employers as well as learning the proper dinner protocol.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

Our staff is available to assist students with writing and editing resumes and cover letters, which are critical to the employment search process.

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