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Services Provided by Campus Police

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are located in most buildings throughout campus to call emergency 911 services or the College Police Department (x4444), or from a cellular phone at 540-365-4444. Emergency Call boxes are located as well through out the college campus.  The call boxes are located in the parking lots and have a blue light on the top of the boxes.

Safety Escort Service

The College Police Department (x4444) provides escort services to students, faculty, staff and visitors who want to be accompanied when walking across campus. The Ferrum College Police Department sponsors a women’s self defense program during the school year.

Safety and Security Awareness, Programming and Notification

A well-educated and informed college community can significantly reduce the frequency of crimes. Security procedures, crime prevention, substance use and abuse, fire safety, and sexual assault topics are covered during new student orientation and throughout the academic year. The college also sponsors a special Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week. Student organizations sponsor programs on safety related topics as well. These programs are offered with the goal of helping the college community to make responsible decisions concerning their safety and well-being.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

College buildings are patrolled on a regular basis by college police officers. Most buildings are locked by 11:00 pm. each evening.

Students are issued an exterior door key and a room key. Residence life, staff members, provide on-duty coverage in residence halls and routinely check these buildings. A propped-open, locked door, should be reported immediately and is a serious violation of the conduct code. Visitation hours for various residence halls, as well as other residence life policies, can be found in the Student Handbook.

Ferrum College has procedures to ensure that maintenance repairs related to safety and security are completed in a timely fashion. Repairs such as burned-out light bulbs, missing window screens, or broken locks should be reported to a Residence Life Staff Member or a College Police Officer. Physical Plant Department staff members are on-call for emergency repairs after normal business hours. They can be reached by calling the College Police Department at (540) 365-4444

All visitors must register at the Police Department as a guest and obtain a visitors pass if they plan to stay on campus longer than 24 hours.

Timely Warnings Notices

Campus-wide mailings, e-mail notification, (intranet) announcements posted on bulletin boards, and specially called meetings are used to notify the college community about potential safety or security threats. Such actions depend on the particular circumstances of the threats.

Archery/Firearms Registration and Check-In

For students participating in hunting, archery and the Clay Shooting Club, registration of weapons will be at the Ferrum College Police Department. Check-In/Check-Out of weapons is facilitated by contacting the on-duty college police officer at (540) 365-4444.  No weapons are allowed on campus, even in vehicles.