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Ferrum Police Station

Ferrum College Campus Police Department

Ferrum College Police DepartmentThe Ferrum College Police Department is a Certified Police Department through the Department of Criminal Justice. All officers are appointed by the Circuit Court and receive complete law enforcement training at the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy in Salem, Virginia. Officers have arrest powers on the college campus, properties belonging to Ferrum College and adjoining roadways in Franklin County. The police department works with other agencies from other jurisdictions, such as State Police, Franklin County Sheriffs office, Federal agencies, etc. The department provides safety and services to the college community and encourages positive growth in the Ferrum community. The Ferrum College Police Departments also participates in the student work study program. The Police Department encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to the campus police or an appropriate police agency.

The department is located at 10021 Franklin Street, Ferrum, Virginia 24088 (see campus map).

  • To contact the Ferrum College Police Department, call 540-365-4444.

  • For emergencies, dial 911!