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///Health Center – Frequently Asked Questions
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Tri-Area Health Center

What type of services does the Health Center provide? 
Physical examinations, sports physicals, immunizations, allergy injections, general medical diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical problems, and an on-site laboratory and pharmacy. Counseling services are also housed in the Health Center.

Can my prescriptions be filled at the Health Center?
The Health Center offers an on-site pharmacy where your prescriptions can be filled. There are also many over-the-counter medications and products available at the pharmacy store.

Do I need an appointment to be seen at the Health Center?
It is always best to make an appointment if you need to be seen for a general medical problem. If there is a more urgent problem, our nurses will evaluate your situation, render treatment as needed, and determine whether more intensive treatment is needed by the provider.

If I need a band aid or something basic, do I have to pay to come to the Health Center?
No, basic services can be administered by our nurses, and there is no charge for evaluation and treatment by the nurse. However, if the nurse evaluates an individual and determines that more intensive treatment is needed, the patient may be referred to the provider. If the patient is seen by the provider, services are billed to patient’s insurance. Depending on your insurance, a co-pay may be collected at the time of visit.

If I’m really sick and need to be seen by the Provider but I don’t have an appointment and don’t know what type of insurance I have, can I still be seen?
Yes. The Health Center will not refuse service to anyone. Every attempt will be made to make appointments for individuals as quickly as possible. However, circumstances do arise that prohibit same day appointments and we ask that you understand we will do everything we can to get you in as soon as we are able. If insurance information is not on file, we ask that the student attempt to get that information to us the next day. If insurance information is not available, the student will be billed directly for the visit instead of his/her insurance company.

If I miss a class due to illness, can I get an excuse from the Health Center?
No. Excuses for missed classes are not provided by the Health Center. The Health Center can provide a note stating that a student was seen in the Health Center, with date and time, to confirm a visit only.

Which insurances are accepted at the Health Center?
A wide variety of insurances are accepted at the Health Center. Given that the geographic backgrounds of Ferrum students is so diverse, there are insurance companies which may not be accepted because Ferrum is considered out-of-network. Please contact your insurance company to determine whether your insurance will be accepted at the Health Center.

How does the Commercial Travelers policy provided by the College work?
Commercial Travelers, a basic accident and sickness policy, covers office visits, laboratory/diagnostic work and minimal hospitalization. The policy will cover $100 for a sickness or injury, NOT all services received in the Health Center. If services are received in the Health Center or any other health care agency, the student is required to fill out a claim form and submit it to Commercial Travelers (click here to download). Payment for services will not be made by CT without a claim form on file. Claim forms are also available in the Health Center and Health Center staff will gladly assist students with filing their claims if requested. Please contact our office for a brochure outlining coverage.

If I have my own insurance through a personal policy, do I need to get the policy offered by the College?
Commercial Travelers is available for those students who have no insurance coverage through parents or a personal policy. The policy covers for services received in the Health Center and serves as a supplemental policy to other policies (through parents or self). It will pay for services that are out-of-network for personal policies and will cover co-payments. It is recommended that each student discuss the type of coverage their personal policies will provide while away at College. The Commercial Travelers policy cost $170.00/academic year. If you use the policy twice at the Health Center it will cover the cost of the policy. The decision to purchase this policy is an individual one. Health Center staff will be glad to discuss any insurance issues with individuals if they contact the office directly.

If my son/daughter is injured while participating in NCAA athletics, how does the Athletic insurance work?
All Ferrum College athletes are covered by the College athletic insurance. This policy covers a student-athlete during games and practices, on and off campus. If an athlete suffers an injury, they must report to the Athletic Trainer for evaluation. If medical treatment is recommended and received, the student must fill out a claim form. Claim forms are available from the Athletic Deparment. Please note: Insurance provided by parents or personal policies will serve as primary insurance with athletic claims. Payment is made after the primary policy has considered the claim. If a student has Commercial Travelers through the College, it does not pay towards athletic injuries.

Do all college students need to get a Meningitis shot?
Meningitis is a potentially fatal disease. The Meningitis vaccine is 90% effective, costs from $75 – $150 and provides protection for 4 years. It is not currently required by Ferrum College, but is highly recommended. A student must either receive a vaccination or sign a waiver. Please consult with your physician or your local Health Department.

What do I do in case of an emergency and the Health Center is closed?
Call the campus police (365-4444), or call 911. The local hospital, Carilion Franklin Memorial, is 10 miles west in Rocky Mount. Ferrum has a volunteer rescue squad.

Will I be penalized if my health record is incomplete?
Complete health information must be on file in the Health Center in order to complete the enrollment process. Accurate health information allows us to insure a safe community for students. The Health Center will make every effort to assist students with getting their records complete.