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Fall photo of Ferrum College campus.


Contest and Print Publication Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Submission to Chrysalis means that you guarantee that you have read and followed the guidelines.

The staff of Chrysalis finds great joy in viewing all work sent to us in our four categories: poetry, prose, photography, and visual art. However, due to the limited amount of time we have to assemble and publish the magazine and the limited space available in it, we must ask that all submissions adhere to the following guidelines. We sincerely hope you will submit your work, and we look forward to enjoying the talent Ferrum College’s student body has to offer.

  1. Eligibility
    • The author or artist must be a current full- or part-time student of Ferrum College to enter the contest.
    • Only the writer or artist may submit work to the magazine; people may not submit other people’s work.
    • Any student, faculty, or staff member may submit material to the magazine.
    • Employees of the college (faculty, staff, and administrators) may submit to the magazine, but their work will not be considered for contest prizes.
    • Work must never have been published in print or online by a third party, nor may it currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    • Work must never have won another contest or currently be entered in another contest.
    • Work may have appeared in an art show, have been read aloud, or have been self-published online.
    • Work must be submitted by the deadline. See monitors, flyers, email, or Iron Blade for deadlines.
  2. Format
    • Poetry and prose work must be submitted in individual Microsoft Word documents. Documents must be double spaced.
    • Visual art must be submitted in .jpeg format at the best resolution possible.
    • Works must be sent as email attachments from the sender’s Ferrum email address to the advisor.
    • Poetry will be printed in the format in which it is submitted.
  3. Length
    • No one poem or prose piece may be longer than 4 double-spaced pages.
    • Poetry and prose submissions must total no more than 10 double-spaced pages combined (e.g., three pages of poetry and seven pages of prose, five pages of each, 10 pages of either).
    • Visual artists are limited to 10 images but only five photographs.
    • All work must stand alone (i.e., no installments or “to be continued” pieces).
  4. Publication
    • Submission of work to the Chrysalis contest automatically grants permission for publication in the print edition of the magazine and on the Chrysalis website, as well as use in publicity.
    • Work may be entered in the contest and published anonymously or under a pseudonym upon request. However, the artist’s or author’s name must be sent with the submission (anonymous submissions will not be considered for the contest or publication).
  5. Miscellaneous
  • Artists are responsible for getting permission from subjects (or parents or legal guardians, if the subjects are minors) for their images to be submitted and published.
  • All work must be the artist’s or author’s original work.
  • We ask that you avoid vulgarity, explicit violence, and explicit sexual content.
  • No one can win two prizes in the same category in the same edition but can win a prize in two different categories. A person can win prizes in two or more editions.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a very brief (two to three lines) biography of the artist or author. The biography should include hometown, major, and minor, as well as other main interests. Biographies of authors and artists whose work is chosen for the magazine will also be published in the magazine.
  • Authors and artists grant Chrysalis one-time publishing rights in the magazine, on the website, and for publicity. Then Chrysalis has no further right to republish the work without permission from the author or artist. The author retains the right to republish the work elsewhere.
  • See monitors, flyers, email, or Iron Blade for deadlines.
  • Groups may submit work together. If groups choose to submit together, everyone in the group must agree to the submission, and names of all members of the group must be included. If the group is composed entirely of students, the work may be entered into the contest.

Please contact advisor John Kitterman ( with questions.