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Student Accountability

Mission: The student accountability process will support Ferrum’s mission by developing and upholding college standards with cooperation from students, faculty, and partners in order to promote accountability, and student development.

Vision/Purpose: The student accountability process approaches student conduct from an educational, developmental and restorative perspective. Inherent in the College’s accountability process is the commitment to serve, equally, all involved parties in an unbiased and fair manner.

When a student has their rights violated and/or fails to meet prescribed responsibilities, as in society at large, consequences will follow. Our process is commissioned with the task of detailing the rights and responsibilities of students, reviewing cases involving disciplinary matters and, when necessary, imposing sanctions for violations in accordance with the policies laid out in the Student Handbook.

Things to Remember:
The College and it’s Student Accountability Process:

  • Recognizes that all students, in addition to being members of the College community, also belong to our society at large
  • In no manner, stated or implied, protects or shields students from their responsibilities under local, state, and federal laws
  • Reserves the right to refer any incident information to the appropriate authorities and also reserves the right to take action through its own Accountability Process regardless of any court procedures

The Student Accountability Process is a part of the educational process. Since it is intended to be an educational experience and not a court of law, neither the College nor a student may bring an attorney as an advocate to a meeting, case review, or Review Panel.

When a student violates a Community Standard, they are expected to accept responsibility for their actions and the consequences that result from the behavior. Students have the responsibility for reading and understanding the Ferrum College Student Handbook and following all Community Standards and Residence Hall Policies. The official version of the Ferrum College Student Handbook can be found online.

Certain rights are afforded to every member of the Ferrum College student body. These rights include:

  • The right to be free from discrimination, to be treated equally and individually without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and any other protected status, and the right to be free from harassment;
  • The right to learn, which includes the right of access to ideas, facts, and opinions, the right to express and discuss those and other ideas, facts and opinions;
  • The right to co-exist peacefully with other members of the Ferrum College community, which includes the right to protection against force, violence, threat, harassment, and abuse; the responsibility to treat others respectfully and fairly and the right to join associations for educational, political, social, religious, or cultural purposes;
  • The right to be treated fairly, to be informed of any charges of misconduct that could result in disciplinary proceedings, to have adequate time to prepare a response to the charges, to receive assistance from an advocate, to an case review, and to be informed of the outcome of any proceeding.

The individuals implementing the Student Accountability Process are pledged to maintain a balance between individual and institutional integrity. The accountability process is closed to the public.

All violations of Ferrum College Community Standards, Special Campus Policies, and Residence Hall Policies, will be handled through the Student Accountability Process, unless otherwise noted. Academic violations are handled through the Honor Board. Sexual misconduct violations are handled through the Title IX process.

The establishment, interpretation, and enforcement of Community Standards, Special Campus Policies, and Residence Hall Policies, are designed to assist students as members of the Ferrum College community in the realization of educational goals, and to assist in providing an environment in which every student may achieve their highest potential. Accountability actions vary according to the situation and the person(s) involved.

The accountability history of an individual student remains active throughout their enrollment at Ferrum College. Thus, violations carry over from semester to semester and may have an impact on determining appropriate sanctions after a decision of responsibility has been rendered in reviewing a subsequent incident.

An overview of policies, procedure, and sanctions can be found in the student handbook.