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Common Concerns/Questions

My roommate and I aren't getting along

My roommate and I aren’t getting along.

  • First, talk to your roommate. Most likely they are not aware that their actions are causing you concern. You can also start with a roommate agreement that has been created for you to agree on expectations for your room.
  • Second, ask for assistance from the Resident Advisor on your floor. Very often, the Residence Life staff can help resolve your problem, usually by facilitating a meeting between you and your roommate.
  • Third, if resolution is not possible, Residence Life staff can assist you with the procedures and paperwork. Everyone must receive approval from a Resident Hall Educator before changing rooms.

Something is wrong/broken in my room or on my hall.

You can contact maintenance by emailing or contact your RA or RHE and they will request a work order on your behalf. If there is an emergency or urgent need (i.e. flooding, electricity out, etc..) please contact your RA, RHE, or Campus Police.

What are breaks like? Can I stay on campus?

The residence halls close for all campus breaks. We do allow students to stay on campus for Fall Break, and Easter Break if they request permission from the Office of Student Life. Students should make arrangements to leave campus for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Dining hours and staffing are limited over breaks.

I want to commute from home or live off campus.

Review our Residency Requirement (link) and contact the Office of Student Life for Residency Waiver.

What if I have an accomodation/special need for housing?

For injuries or temporary need for an accommodation or special housing, please contact the Office of Student Life at or (540) 365 – 4461.

Any requests for special accommodations for the upcoming academic year must be submitted to the Office of Student Life. If you currently have a special accommodations space and wish to have one next year, you MUST reapply.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the Office of Student Life at (540) 365 – 4461.