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Campus Mail Services

Ferrum College Mail Services is responsible for receiving, processing, and distributing the college’s incoming and outgoing mail/packages. Ferrum College Mail Services is not a facility of the US Post Office but is a campus service that supports the high standards of Ferrum College by offering courteous, accurate, and timely shipping services, as well as provide a means of communications within the college community.

Operating Hours

  • During In-Person Academic Sessions
    • Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    • Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    • Sunday Closed
  • During Breaks and Summer*
    • Contact our office for details.
  • Observed Holidays
    • January 1 – New Year’s Day
    • July 4 – Independence Day
    • Thanksgiving Day through Sunday – Thanksgiving Break
    • December 24 – Christmas Eve
    • December 25 – Christmas Day
    • December 26 – January 1 – New Year’s Break

*Breaks include all times when majority of student population is not in residence such as pre-season sports, May-term, summer, and any other official College sanctioned recesses.

During In-Person Academic Sessions

  • MSC Box Sorting
    • Monday-Friday: Incoming mail will be sort and placed into MSC boxes by 11:00 AM.
    • Saturday: Incoming mail will be sort and placed into MSC boxes by 12:00 PM.
    • Sunday: N/A
  • Campus Delivery Route
    • Monday-Friday: One full campus delivery route between 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM.
    • Saturday: N/A
    • Sunday: N/A

During Breaks and Summer*

  • Contact our office for details

*Breaks include all times when majority of student population is not in residence such as pre-season sports, May-term, summer, and any other official College sanctioned recesses.

  • Outgoing mail collected or turned in to the Mail Services Counter prior to 2:00 PM on weekdays will be processed the same business day. After the 2:00 PM weekday deadline, mail will be processed on the next business day.
  • Mail Services cannot process outgoing mailings that consist of sheets of papers folded in half or in thirds and this type of mailing will not go through the postage meter.
  • All mailings should be placed into an appropriate-sized envelope. If not sealed, the envelopes need to be nested so that all of the flaps are open one on top of another.
  • Boxes should be well secured with packing tape.
    • There should be no stickers or numbers from previous mailings on the box if the box is being reused. If unable to remove, please mark out any labels or stickers with a marker.
    • A complete mailing address should be placed in the middle to lower half of the front of the box.
    • A complete return address, including department name, should appear in the upper left-hand corner.
    • The upper right-hand corner should be free of tape or writing so that the proper postage may be affixed.
  • Mailing Guidelines for College Departments
    • Provide the departmental account number for mailing charges on the front of each bundle of mail.
    • Separate inter-campus mail, stamped mail, envelopes/postcards reflecting “No Postage Necessary” from mail to be metered.
    • Separate sealed envelopes from unsealed envelopes.
    • Separate domestic from international mail.
    • Envelopes must be address side up and right side up (as opposed to upside down) and flaps down.
    • Do not tuck flaps into envelopes.
    • Use the correct envelopes.  First class, bulk, etc.
    • Envelopes 6 1/8” X 11 ½” or larger must be separated from other mail and stacked flat, not on end.
    • Do not stamp account number or place any other markings in the upper right-hand corner of mail piece where the postage is applied.
    • Campus mail for student mailboxes should include the student’s full name and box number. Additionally, these should be ordered in box number sequence.
    • Campus mail for faculty and staff members should include the name and department of the individual.
    • When ordering an 8 ½” x 11” flyer to be distributed to all student mailboxes, request that it be tri-folded.
    • In order to quality for pre-sorted rates, the last line of the address on letter size mail pieces needs to be 5/8th inch from the bottom of the envelope.
    • Bulk mailings require a minimum of 200 pieces, all the same weight, in zip code order and the indicia printed on the envelope.
  • Interdepartmental mail should (1) be enclosed in a standard campus mail envelope with the addressee’s name and department/building name on the envelope or (2) in a standard envelope marked “C/M” along with the individual’s name and department you are wishing it to be delivered to. Campus Mail to students should include the MSC box number on all correspondence.
  • Mail not bearing this information may be delayed or returned to sending department.
  • Clearly write the recipient’s name or office. Ferrum College Mail Services is not responsible for loss of money, etc., that is distributed through campus mail.
  • It is important that the mail has a return name on it.
  • This makes it possible to return mail to the sender without the Mail Services Supervisor having to open it.
  • Incoming mail and parcel address formatting for all students:


USPS Preferred Format USPS Alternate Formatting (Amazon®, etc)
Student Name
PO Box 1000
Ferrum, VA 24088
Student Name MSC#
445 Ferrum Mountain Road
Ferrum, VA 24088
Other Carries (FedEx, UPS, DHL)
Student Name MSC #
445 Ferrum Mountain Road
Ferrum, VA 24088

All mail / packages must be addressed to the student’s name and assigned MSC box number to expedite delivery and avoid being delayed or returned to the sender.

  • Campus Mail, UPS, and FedEx CANNOT deliver to student housing units, so all packages must come through Ferrum College Mail Services for pickup at the service counter. Perishables not picked up within seven (7) days are discarded in accordance with US Postal regulations which normally means discarded and not returned to sender.
  • Mail designated for outside the United States must be specifically marked and bundled together. To ensure accuracy and prompt delivery, coordinate with Mail Services on such mail pieces.
  • Mail that is not to the attention of a particular person or department will be opened. The contents will be inspected to determine the correct recipient or department and then delivered in accordance with the standard mail delivery process.
  • All departments receiving mail from the Mail Services via the campus delivery route must have the following:
    • An Established designated mail pick-up/delivery area easily accessible.
    • Mailboxes must be visible and labeled Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail.
    • If a designated mail pick-up/delivery area will not be accessible; the department should leave a note on the door instructing the alternate pick-up/delivery in its building.
    • Please note all packages need to be signed for. If you are not present to sign for your parcel, you are responsible to come to the Mail Services Counter to retrieve your package.
  • The appropriate return address and department name should appear in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.
  • The mailroom receives Certified Mail and Next Day Mail for faculty and staff members.
    • This mail will be delivered on the weekday campus delivery route.
    • If Mail Services receives mail after the campus delivery route, the person/department will be notified upon its arrival via e-mail Mail Services notification system.
  • Certified Mail:
    • Mail Services processes outgoing Certified and Certified Return Receipt Request.
    • Certified Mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery to the address.
  • Insured Mail:
    • Insured mail is offered to departments along with any applicable costs.
    • If you have something of value that you want mailed, you can send it via insured mail.
    • The rates for this service may vary with the value of the item.
    • Note: When sending by Certified Mail and Insured Mail, complete the Certified Request Form. The form should accompany the material that you want to mail.
  • United Parcel Service (UPS):
    • UPS Procedures are quite detailed and specific.
    • Instructions can be found on
  • Business Reply:
    • The College provides this service on a limited basis for convenience of the department.
    • Business Reply Mail is a service from the US Postal Service that allows you to send any number of reply pieces (envelopes, cards, or self-mailers) and pay only for those that are returned to you.
    • When using Business Reply, be sure to include the departments name on the envelope.
    • If the department name is not on the envelope, the mail will be opened to determine where the mail should be delivered and what department to charge.
    • Business Reply Mail is designed to be automatable, so delivery times are comparable to First Class mail.
    • For more details on leveraging this asset, please contact the Mail Services Supervisor.
  • Federal Express (FedEx):
    • FedEx Procedures are quite detailed and specific.
    • Instructions can be found on
  • How much notice do I need to give Mail Services when sending a large mailing?
    • We need to have a 2-business day notice for large mailings so we can plan for processing time and make special arrangements for the mailing to be promptly delivered to the Ferrum Post Office.
  • Can I buy stamps at the Mail Services Counter?
    • Yes. We have a variety of stamps available for cash purchase.
  • How will I know when a package has arrived for me?
    • When you receive a package, we will notify you through your Ferrum College e-mail account. Packages can be picked up during listed hours of operation. In order to ensure the integrity of the delivery process, you must present your Ferrum ID or a valid state-issued photo ID when picking up all packages.
  • Can I have someone else pickup my mail?
    • No. (However, some extenuating circumstances may be considered.)
  • What information should I have before inquiring about a lost package?
    • Please have the method of shipment, tracking number and addressee information.
  • How much does it cost to mail/send packages through United States Postal Service (USPS)?
    • The cost depends on the weight, size, and zip code/country. We cannot give good estimates across the counter without that information. You can also get a real-time estimate by using the USPS website.
  • When do I close my mailbox and return my key?
    • Students will only turn in their student mailbox key for the following situations:
      • Graduating – the key is due the Friday before graduation. Please notify the Office of the Registrar to make sure you have an updated forwarding address on file.
      • Transferring off campus – the key is due before you leave campus for the last time. Please notify the Office of the Registrar office to make sure you have an updated forwarding address on file.
    • Withdrawal/Hiatus – the key is due before you leave campus for the last time. Please notify the Office of the Registrar to make sure you have an updated forwarding address on file.
    • If you lose your key before graduation or other qualifying situation, you can request a replacement copy for $25. If you fail to turn in your key, $50 will be charged to your student account.
    • All keys returned in May will result in the box being closed.

As part of Ferrum College’s efforts to provide improved customer service, students may now pay for Mail Services transactions online. Fees for replacement mailbox keys and postage for packages may be made using this payment option. Click Here to Pay Online.

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