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Welcome to Your Passport to Wellness!

Ferrum College cares about your well-being and understands that it is critical to your success as a student and throughout your life!

As part of Ferrum’s commitment to you, we welcome you to the Passport to Wellness program –  a holistic student well-being program designed to support you in living your best life every day! This annual program offers exciting opportunities to participate in throughout the year that support your personal health and well-being, connect you with colleagues across the university, and contribute to a thriving university culture!

The Ferrum Passport to Wellness Program includes a variety of events and activities designed to educate participants about multi-dimensional, holistic well-being and increase awareness of health and wellness opportunities at Ferrum College.

By participating in a variety of activities, programs and services on campus, you will gain knowledge of the various health and wellness resources available at Ferrum College and develop healthy habits that will sustain their overall well-being.

All online programs and resources for the Passport to Wellness Program can be found in the Brightspace portal.  The program contains modules that correspond to each of the eight dimensions of wellness.  Under each module, you will find the online resources (programs, challenges, webinar, video, etc.) that corresponds to that dimension.

Participants are encouraged to attend at least one event in each of the eight dimensions of wellness throughout the length of the program.

Passport Activity for the Semester must be completed by the dates listed below:

Spring 2019 Passport

  • Program Start:  January 15th
  • Program End:  Friday, April 26th

All activity must be completed and recorded by:  Friday, April 26th

Prizes will be awarded based on how many wellness dimensions each participant has earned a credit for over the course of the semester. Individuals who participate in six or more activities in separate wellness dimensions will be entered into a prize drawing.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of each semester.

Student Counseling 

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