Intramural Sports

Ferrum College Intramurals provides a healthy and fun environment for students to participate in physical activity. We encourage good sportsmanship and community involvement while promoting health and wellness through quality sports and recreation. Intramurals offers many different types of healthy programs that encompass a wide range of interests for all skill and experience levels. There are opportunities for both males and females to participate in every type of program offered and we offer something for everyone.


Register for Intramurals at or download the IMLeagues app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Registration for intramurals is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Some restrictions may apply for each intramural season. 


To work with Intramurals, please visit the student employment portal and search for intramural staff.

Internship opportunities are available. Please contact coordinator for details.

What are Intramural Activities?

Intramural Activities are organized recreation sports and activities for students, faculty and staff at Ferrum College. Intramurals consist of leagues, tournaments, contests and special event formats.

What Intramural sports and activities are offered?

The Office of Intramurals offers a wide range of sports and activities. We offer different sports and activities each semester of the academic year. Our major seasons include: volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball, kickball and more. We offer a wide range of special tournaments and events too.

How many teams can I play on?

You may only play on one gender specific team and one co-ed team for each sport. For example, you can play on a male flag football team and a co-ed flag football team. But there is no limitation on how many sports you can play in a semester and we encourage you to play as many as you would like.

How do I register a team?

Public Network URL:

Registration URL: (Create an account)

This site hosts all of our events and sports for the current semester. Upon going to IMLeagues you should create a free account if you have not done so already. It takes only a few seconds to do. Once it is created you can create a team or be added to a team.You can also sign up as a free agent or look for other teams.

Is there an Intramural fee?

Currently, there is no fee to participate in Intramurals.

What do participants win?

Each intramural participant on a winning team will win the coveted Championship T-shirt. A new t-shirt is designed each year. Some Intramural Activity awards include gift cards and other forms of prizes as well.

What if I don't have a team?

You can sign up to be a free agent through or stop by the Intramural office in Franklin Hall, room 104B for assistance.

How many people can I have on my team?

Many sports have different roster limits depending on the players allowed on the court each time. Be sure to check the rules for the sports you are interested in.

Where are the games played?

Most Outdoor Sports will take place on Bassett field.

Where can I find when my team plays, where we play, and our standings?

You can go to the webpage or app to view when your team plays, schedules, standings, etc. Make sure you create a free account!

How do I find rules for the sports?

Rules for each program will be emailed to captains and players through Ferrum College’s campus mail system. Rules are available at the Intramural Activities office located in Franklin Hall, room 104B.

Can I play intramurals if I'm a varsity athlete?

Yes you can! We have a restriction on this, however. Varsity athletes may not play in their parallel sport while they are on the varsity team (ex. A current FC baseball or softball player may not play IM Softball). Also, if a varsity athlete wishes to play in their parallel sport, they must be considered a senior by FC.

Contact Intramurals Coordinator