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Campus Diversity

Diversity is a platform for developing creative solutions to challenging problems.

No two people are alike. That seems like an obvious statement. Certainly on the surface, you can see the differences: women and men, tall and short, different races and ages. It’s when you talk with them that their real diversity becomes apparent and the opportunity for inclusion begins to emerge.

Ferrum’s initiatives in diversity give voice to diversity and inclusion in ways that extend beyond a traditional or historical understanding and application. Our goal is to create a culture of awareness, respect and understanding not just in terms of racial and ethnic identity, but also age, cultural identity, religious and spiritual identity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical and mental ability, nationality, social and economic status, and political and ideological perspectives.

In collaboration with faculty, staff and student groups, The Office of Campus Engagement offers a number of in house initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion at the College.