Blue Ridge Folklife Festival Directions2021-07-16T14:17:32+00:00


Coming from Roanoke, VA, or Greensboro, NC?

Take Route 220 to Rocky Mount, VA. At the intersection of Route 220 and State Route 40 in Rocky Mount, take Route 40 west through Rocky Mount and 10 miles further to the campus of Ferrum College.

Using a GPS system, MapQuest, Google Maps, etc.?

Enter the address “20 Museum Drive, Ferrum, Virginia.”

Parking areas are located on both sides of the Ferrum campus. Follow signs and police directions to the parking lots. There is ample parking for buses and RVs.

The Blue Ridge Folklife Festival covers the western half of the Ferrum College campus as well as the entire grounds of Ferrum’s Blue Ride Farm Museum. Depending upon traffic, the festival is about one hour from both Roanoke and Martinsville, VA.