The Launch of FACES Program with Alumna Melanie Rooks

//The Launch of FACES Program with Alumna Melanie Rooks

The Launch of FACES Program with Alumna Melanie Rooks

Melanie Rooks (Class of 2015) visited campus to launch the FACES (Ferrum Alumni Citizens Exploring Service) Program. The program, conceptualized and organized by Dr. Susan Mead, will celebrate Ferrum College alumni who serve their communities in a variety of ways.

Ms. Rooks has been working with retired Ferrum professor Dr. Pete Crow and his wife, Beth Crow, through the the “Lift Ev’ry Voice: Freedom Ride” program sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. This program brought youth from the United States, South Africa, and Botswana together to to study the civil rights movement, and discover ways to address racism by lifting the voices of the young people in their quest for justice and reconciliation in their home communities. Ms. Rooks has worked with this program in the U.S. and in South Africa as an adult leader, and is getting ready for a seven-week program in South Africa. She will participate in the R.I.S.E. conference and then spend the next weeks working with the Born Free SA Youth Development Programme, whose work focuses on education and programs on social injustice and the arts. This organization was an outgrowth of the South African delegation’s participation in the Lift Ev’ry Voice program.

To keep up with Ms. Rook’s work in South Africa during March and April, you can follow her videos and photos on the Ferrum College International Program’s Instagram (ferrumcollegeintl), and look for her posts as a Panther Blogger. She’ll be ready to answer questions and respond to comments.