Students Win National Bombassadors Campaign

//Students Win National Bombassadors Campaign

Students Win National Bombassadors Campaign

Ferrum, Va. (Nov. 4, 2016) – Last spring, Ferrum College students Sam Belcher, Jesse Delph, Jessa King, and Rachel Wells won a national campaign that allowed them to donate 480 pairs of socks to the Rescue Mission in Roanoke, Va. The students were “Bombassadors”, working with the Bombas sock company as college ambassadors to promote the company and its mission to provide a pair of socks to a homeless shelter in the United States for each pair of socks purchased.
“There were thirteen other colleges and universities that had Bombassadors on campus last spring. Each school was given a list of tasks to complete to earn points and socks to be donated to a local homeless shelter. The Ferrum Bombassadors beat all other schools in the spring and earned the most points along with the most socks to donate,” said Belcher, who explained that socks donated to shelters are made specifically for homeless people and are thick, warm, and anti-microbial.

The Ferrum Bombassadors are continuing their work this fall and will hold a number of sock selling events on campus that will be promoted through campus mail. Socks may also be purchased through the Bombas Sock Company website here. The promo code to use to support the Ferrum College Bombassadors and the Resuce Mission is FERRUM20. For more information, email

About the photograph: Rachel Wells and Sam Belcher donating the 480 pairs of socks to the Rescue Mission in Roanoke.

Watch a WFXR Fox News interview with Bombassador and senior Sam Belcher here.