Stogners Support Continues To Serve and Benefit Ferrum College Students

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Stogners Support Continues To Serve and Benefit Ferrum College Students

Joe and Jane Stogner

Ferrum College’s faculty and staff are an integral part of the institution’s success. Members of the College’s campus community support the mission and purpose financially, personally, and professionally.

The late Joe Stogner, professor of environmental science and founder of the environmental science program at Ferrum College, enhanced the institution with years of instruction and financial support. “Even though I have studied at several prestigious universities,” he once explained, “I have not found any school that truly lives up to Ferrum’s mission and motto of ‘Not Self, But Others.’”

Stogner’s wife, Jane, a retired Ferrum College art professor, worked with fellow professor Bev Thornton to grow the existing art department into a strong program. “It’s fulfilling and rewarding to share my personal passion with students, to help them become more self-aware and build self-confidence,” she noted. Along the way, she motivated herself through her students and found her passion in both creating and teaching art.

Through retirement, Stogner remained active in giving at Ferrum College. He advocated for the College, knowing that the institution lives out its mission by treating each student as an individual and offering extra time and attention as needed. Both he and Jane were first-generation college students and understood the importance of higher education. The pair consistently sought to involve other faculty and staff members in the support of development projects on campus. “It is important that people who support Ferrum share that support with others,” Jane explained.

The diverse population of both students and faculty highlights the College’s focus on quality education and experiential learning. The continued efforts of faculty members to develop their fields of study and introduce enrichment activities for students is further evidence of the strong belief in offering the best possible education to all students.

Future growth and service to Ferrum College students and the surrounding community continue to be ensured through Jane and her late husband’s centennial campaign gift, which was used to complete renovations on a new science wing in Garber Hall in 2013.

“Ferrum College is a unique community of dedicated and talented faculty, staff, and administrators who work far beyond their contracts and job descriptions to help students realize their potential,” Jane remarked, furthering emphasizing her strong feelings about the institution. “Ferrum creates a special learning environment that encourages students to develop problem-solving and leadership skills, which are necessary in the job market.”