Stinson Profiled By Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants

//Stinson Profiled By Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants

Stinson Profiled By Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants

Dr. Christine StinsonDr. Christine Stinson, associate professor of accounting and business, was recently profiled by the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) as part of a series of profiles highlighting the diverse interests and careers of VSCPA members. Stinson, who is the accounting program coordinator at Ferrum College, periodically serves the VSCPA as a member of its Educators’ Symposium Task Force, an experience that enhances her work in the classroom.

“It’s important to model for my students what’s going to be expected of them as accounting professionals after they graduate,” Stinson said in the VSCPA profile. “If I can bring back to the classroom conversations that I have at the educators’ conference, conversations that I have at other VSCPA conferences, conversations that I have with businesspeople or nonprofit leaders at the other boards I serve on, that adds another dimension to my teaching that goes beyond mere textbook knowledge. It puts into context for my students the professional world they’ll be moving into.”

Stinson, who teaches introductory, intermediate, managerial and tax accounting at Ferrum College, appreciates being able to offer students a more personal experience than they would get at a larger university.

“One reason I love teaching at a small liberal arts college like Ferrum is that we can make sure [the students] get the textbook content they need, but that they can have a well-rounded background,” said Stinson in the profile. “They’ve been exposed to political issues, the arts, literature, environmental issues. It’s a joy to teach these students, because while they are interested in accounting, I watch them graduate knowing they’re going to lead very rich, full lives.”

Stinson has a diverse background that includes multiple advanced degrees in zoology and accounting. She has enjoyed a wide range of experiences in her life, both professionally and personally. Read more about Stinson in the full VSCPA profile here.